Can Alexa Detect Power Outage – Know The Truth!

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Alexa is a revolutionary AI from amazon. It’s smart enough to understand almost all of your commands. However, it uses electrical power to function and a power outage can occur anytime.

So, can Alexa detect power outage?

No, unfortunately, Alexa can not detect power outages. Because it works through a device and when a power outage occurs, that device gets turned off. So, Alexa loses power as well when a power outage occurs. However, it can resume from wherever it left your command before the power outage.

From the small portion above, it’s hard to understand the whole scenario. But you shouldn’t worry about that. We have a detailed article to let you know everything in detail. So, please proceed further to learn more useful information.

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Work Function of Alexa

can alexa detect power outage

Many tech giants has virtual assistants. Alexa is such a virtual assistant by Amazon. However, the functionalities of Alexa are quite vast and it can help you in many ways.

Alexa works under a service called Echo developed by Amazon. Alexa works in a voice-to-text mechanism.

It receives your voice commands and transforms them into texts. The text is then sent to Amazon servers where your query is fulfilled. 

After that, the answer to your query comes back as a text message. Then again Alexa turns it into a voice message and gives you the output.

This may seem like a long process. But actually, this happens in a quick time and you won’t even notice any delay.

Besides answering questions, Alexa can do some basic tasks like playing music and so on. It can sync well with many other smart devices as well.

There’s a microphone that takes input from your commands. A processor then processes all the information. And you get the output through the speaker.

Does Alexa Work Without Power

Does Alexa Work Without Power

The device through which Alexa works needs electrical power to function. So, essentially, Alexa needs the power to work. That’s why if the question can Alexa work without electricity pops up, know that it can’t. It also needs a constant connection to the wifi.

So, if you ask can Alexa play without power, it actually can’t. Amazon Echo needs to be plugged into a power outlet. And if the power goes out or the device gets unplugged, Echo stops working. As a result, Alexa doesn’t work without a power cord.

When a power outage occurs, the processor of Alexa can’t process your voice command. It can’t connect to wifi as well. This is why Alexa can’t work without a power cord.

Because due to not receiving your commands, Alexa can’t send them for processing as well. So, Alexa doesn’t work without a power cable. Alexa even uses power when not in use. It uses the power to stay active so that it can receive your command anytime.

Even when there’s no power outage, Alexa might not work due to poor wifi connections. This can happen because of low-quality routers. So, make sure you have a powerful router for strong wifi connections. You can check the ones below.

TP-Link AC 1750 Smart Wifi RouterReliable high-speed router. Works with Alexa, has parental control, and QoS.
NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wifi RouterWide range of coverage, connects up to 25 devices. A high-speed reliable router.

Hope these routers will serve you well with a strong wifi connection. Also, you might need to change wifi on smart plugs for a better output.

Does Alexa Work Without Mains Power

You know that Alexa can’t work during power outages. So, you may look for ways to fix it. But is there any way for Alexa to work during power outages? The answer is yes. There are a few ways. Let’s discuss them now.

Using A UPS:

UPS can supply a substantial amount of power when required. The more powerful UPS you’ll get, the longer backup you’ll get. You can also connect your internet modem and router to the UPS. Thus you’ll get internet facilities as well during power outages.

Using Devices With Built-in Batteries:

If you use your Alexa services with devices that have built-in batteries, this can be a solution. However, you won’t get the chance to use wifi in this case. So, some local voice commands will be accepted by Alexa.

So, these are the ways to use Alexa during power outages.

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Will Alexa Alarm Work Without Power

We already know that Alexa can perform some of the basic tasks assigned to it. The ringing alarm is also one of them. So, you may wonder if the alarm will work when there’s a power outage.

Well, the alarm will not work if there’s a power outage. Because Alexa won’t be able to process anything during a power outage. So, as a backup, you can shift the alarm in your smartphone when setting the alarm.

However, in case there’s power, but the network connection is lost, the alarm will work. For that, you’ve to make sure the alarm was set before the network connection was lost.

Sometimes your Alexa can start to make some static noises randomly. But that’s a different issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible For Alexa To Detect Emergencies?

Yes, Alexa can detect emergencies. You can use Alexa as an alert device during emergencies. You can call someone using voice commands. And you can compile Alexa with other services to help you in emergencies. Thus Alexa can detect emergencies.

When Does Alexa Turn Blue And What Does It Mean?

Alexa turns blue after receiving your voice command. This means that Alexa has got your command and now it’s processing your command. The blue light will go away once the processing is done. So, it’s not something you should be worried about.

Do I Need To Keep Alexa Plugged In All The Time?

Yes, for the most usability of Alexa, you should keep it plugged in all the time. If Alexa stays plugged in, it can receive and process your commands instantly. Also, it’s necessary to keep Alexa plugged in for a sufficient power supply.

How Much Electricity Does Alexa Use?

Alexa doesn’t use a lot of electricity. It costs less than $2 annually as an electricity bill for Alexa. Some similar services may cost less than Alexa. However, they don’t come with the wide range of facilities that Alexa offers.


It’s time to conclude the discussion about can Alexa detect power outage. Hope you benefited from this long discussion.

Using smart devices has made our lives easier. Alexa adds a new dimension to that. But knowing its efficient use of it is also necessary. We hope this article helped you to gain useful information about Alexa.

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