Why Is My Alexa Making Static Noise – 6 Reasons & Solutions!

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Alexa is a smart AI that makes your life quite easier. But unexpected occurrences from it can annoy you as well. Sometimes a static noise coming out from Alexa is all it needs to ruin your day.

But why is my Alexa making static noise?

It can be for several reasons which include poor wifi connections, faulty auxiliary cables, low battery, etc. There are some other reasons like the equalizer problem or damage caused by high volume. These problems can be solved by following some useful steps. And those need to be done properly.

The brief statement above covers a very little part of the whole topic. But don’t worry; we’ve more to offer. So, please proceed further to know more details.

6 Reasons for Alexa Making Static Noise

why is my alexa making static noise

Generally, Alexa listens to your command using a mic. Then it responds to your command with the help of a speaker. Sometimes the speaker releases a static sound which becomes uncomfortable. And you’re like why is my Alexa show making static noise?

After all, you don’t want to hear unnecessary noises. But what’s the reason behind this noise? That’s what we’ll try to find in this section. Here you’ll find out why is Alexa making random noises. We’ve separately explained different reasons for the static noise.

Along with the solutions, some basic solutions are attached as well. So, let’s get started without delaying further.

Reason 1: Poor Wifi Connection

Poor wifi connection is one of the reasons why your Alexa can make static noise. You may hear static noise for several seconds due to this occurrence. Poor wifi connectivity makes it hard for Alexa to receive and respond to commands.

Especially during playing music, the speaker can’t connect properly. So, Alexa makes weird noises to make you aware of the situation.


Keep the wifi router in a central location where every device of yours can connect easily. If you feel the router capacity is not enough, replace it. You can check the ones below.

TP-Link AC 1750 Smart Wifi RouterReliable high-speed router. Works with Alexa, has parental control, and QoS.
NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wifi RouterWide range of coverage, connects up to 25 devices. A high-speed reliable router.

Hope you find these routers useful enough.

Besides, your broadband capacity may not be enough as well. So, contact your internet service provider to ensure a smooth connection. And you might need to change wifi in your smart plugs as well.

Reason 2: Faulty Auxiliary Cable

Faulty Auxiliary Cable

Many people use an auxiliary cable to get audio from Alexa or Amazon Echo devices. Sometimes there may be a connection problem in the cable. Or there may be other problems as well.

These problems can lead to static noises from your Alexa. And you may wonder why my Alexa makes a weird noise. If the audio is okay while using an auxiliary cable, the problem might be in Bluetooth connections.


Test your auxiliary cable to inspect if it’s working properly. Change the input device to make sure it’s okay. Change the auxiliary cable if needed. Thus you may solve the problem.

Reason 3: Low Battery

If your audio device connected to Alexa runs on a battery, this can occur. The device may produce static noises to indicate the battery is running low. When your phone is connected, static noise can be produced due to its low battery.


If any external audio device is connected which is running low on battery, recharge it. You can also switch audio devices and see if the problem persists. Possibilities are that the problem will go away.

Reason 4: Long-Time Use At Higher Volume

This is another cause of the problem. Using your audio output device at higher volumes for a long time can damage the speakers.

And due to the damage to the speakers, static noises can be heard. This mostly happens with small low-powered speakers. And sometimes your soundbars can get turned off as well.


Keep the volume of your speakers at an optimum level. Don’t raise the volume unnecessarily. Use good quality speakers so that they don’t get damaged easily. Replace the speakers if necessary.

Reason 5: Equalizer Problem

Equalizers maintain the frequency of music or sound output. If the equalizers start to malfunction, some static noises may be produced. Sometimes when you try to change them manually, they get misplaced and produce noises.


If you find a problem in equalizer settings, restore to factory default settings. If you’re willing to change the equalizer settings, do it carefully.

Reason 6: Bluetooth Connection Problem

Alexa Bluetooth Connection Problem

Bluetooth connection problem is another mentionable cause here. Error in Bluetooth connection, poor connectivity, and faulty Bluetooth audio devices can produce static noises. So, this is another reason why your Alexa makes static noises.


If you see Bluetooth connection problems, unpair and pair the Bluetooth device again. See if the audio output is correct after that. You may also try restarting the device.

So, these were some of the reasons why static noises occur in your Alexa. We hope you’ll understand what does it mean when your Alexa makes a random noise. Also, you’ll get benefitted from the attached solutions.

If you still face random issues with your Alexa, try contacting the dedicated support options by Amazon. And there’s a one-year warranty as well. So, you can avail of that upon eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Is It Possible To Update Alexa?

You have to follow a few steps to update your Alexa. First, go to “Settings”. Then go to device options and check for software updates there. If there’s any software update available, you’ll see it there and you can install it as well. Thus you can update your Alexa.

When Does Alexa Turn Blue And What Does It Mean?

Alexa turns blue after receiving your voice command. This means that Alexa has got your command and now it’s processing your command. The blue light will go away once the processing is done. So, it’s not something you should be worried about.

Can Alexa Automatically Update Itself?

Yes, it’s possible for Alexa to automatically update over wifi. Alexa updates usually contain some new features and performance improvements. You can download the update if you have a constant wifi or internet connection. Then after installing the update, you’ll be done.

Is It Possible For Alexa To Detect Emergencies?

Yes, Alexa can detect emergencies. You can use Alexa as an alert device during emergencies. You can call someone using voice commands. And you can compile Alexa with other services to help you in emergencies. Thus Alexa can detect emergencies.


We’ve had a complete discussion about why is my Alexa making static noise. But like everything, this has an end as well. And we’re now on the brink of that. We hope you enjoyed reading this whole article.

Make sure to use your Alexa device carefully enough to run smoothly. That’s all from us. Stay well.

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