How To Change Wifi On Smart Life Plugs? [Explained In 5 Steps]

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Smart life plugs work with your home assistance to control your home appliances with Wi-Fi. Users should be aware of how to modify their Wi-Fi networks.

But now the question is, how to change wifi on smart life plugs?

The initial action that should be taken is to hard reset the smart plug. Next, they have to remove the old internet network and pair it with the new one. Lastly, reinstall the app and add all of the devices that you want. Also, all the devices must be under the same Wi-Fi network.

The entire procedure was only briefly described. You should carefully follow each step and be mindful of any potential problems while doing so. This is why it’s impossible to skip the conclusion.

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How To Set Up A Smart Life Plug For Wifi

The use of voice commands to operate home appliances is made possible by smart life plugs. However, to do it, you must connect it to WiFi. 

Now the question is, how to connect or set up a smart life plug to Wifi?

Install the “Smart Life” app from the Play Store by going there. Connect the smart plug to an outlet after that. It would then start flashing blue light rapidly to indicate that it’s broadcasting a Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Then launch the app and it will recognize the WI-Fi hotspot. Then connect to the WI-Fi network after entering the password. 

The firmware update procedure can then be started. After this, the smart will be ready to function. According to your choices, the app’s controls can then be modified.

After that, you can connect it to your home assistance system to increase its effectiveness. If Alexa fails to work with smart life, then resetting the settings would fix it. 

How To Change Wifi On Smart Life Plugs?

As we already mentioned that smart life works based on the internet. This is why having a good Wi-Fi network ensures better services. Changing the Wi-Fi is necessary for the users and also they need to know the process.

Smart life may also be referred to as Tuya smart life. For changing the Wi-Fi password on the Tuya smart life, one needs to follow some steps. 

Step 1: Resetting The Smart Life Wifi Socket

The settings must first be restored to their factory defaults. You must first disconnect your smart life and then wait 10 seconds before attempting to accomplish it. Hold down the button on the plug and while doing so put it into an outlet. 

Release the button when the LED illuminates. It would hard reset the smart plug to factory settings. 

Step 2: Removing Old Network and Devices

You must unpair them from the previous network prior to pairing them with the new one. To achieve that, you simply open the app and select to remove your device. 

Then choose all the devices and networks from the app to start fresh.

Step 3: Pairing Them With New Network

Before connecting to a network, you have to ensure that it is 2.4 GHz. The reason for this is that most devices aren’t compatible with 5 GHz. You can fix the not supporting issue of 5 GHz, but it’s not worth the trouble. 

Follow the already mentioned process to connect or reconnect the smart plug to the Wi-Fi. After choosing your home network, change the password the way you want. Ensure that all the devices are under the same network.

Step 4: Reinstalling The App

Select the app and uninstall it after the previous steps. Then wait a few moments and then reinstall it. Sign in using all the necessary information. 

Step 5: Adding Devices

Open the application, then select “Home Tab”. Afterward, click on the plus icon and later choose “Add Device”. Choose every device you intend to use, then connect it. 

Although it is a long drawn process, it wouldn’t take long. To avoid calling an expert, it is simple enough for one to complete on their own.

How To Solve Wi-Fi Unable To Find The Smart Plug?

Smart plugs were made to make life easier and to lend a helpful hand. But like all other gadgets, it’s also full of bugs and problems. But they are very easy to fix on your own. 

Most of the users reported that their Wi-Fi is unable to find the smart plug. This issue can be resolved in only two simple actions.

Step 1: Using The Same Wi-Fi Network

Ensure that the Smart Plug and smartphone are using the same Wi-Fi connection. Check to see if your network is operating properly as well.

Step 2: Resetting The Smart Plug

Once the Smart Plug has been unplugged, let go of the power button. Keep pressing the button while inserting the smart plug inside an outlet. 

After 4 seconds, release the button immediately after you hear a click. The LED shall remain uninterrupted. After that, you’d be able to reconnect to the internet properly once again.

Utilizing the smart life, users can also manage any hue lights. But if the hue light stop working, then check the LED light settings on the app. It would then solve this frequently asked issue. 

The most effective method to avoid these issues is to use the most recent smart life plug. The highest-reviewed products are shown below for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Can’t I Connect My Smart Plug To The Internet?

Your phone’s settings and the app you’re using are the most likely causes. Trying to ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on is the initial step in resolving the problem.

Why Are All My Smart Plugs Offline?

If your smart plug is disconnected or offline after being successfully installed. It was probably caused by a loss of internet connectivity or power for your smart plug.

How Do I Reset My Touch Smart Plug?

Press the device’s front-mounted myTS button, which is blinking blue lights. When the light begins to slowly blink, let it go to reboot the device. To start searching, wait until it blinks quickly.

Can Smart Plugs Be Hacked?

A TechRadar report claims that any inexpensive smart plug is particularly hacker-friendly. If hackers find a weakness, they can utilize it to get access to anybody’s home network.


Hope now you know about how to change wifi on smart life plugs.

Installing it would allow you to live a simpler life and save a lot of time.

Try the mentioned steps by yourself, before you consult an electrician. Along with saving you money, it would also provide a speedy resolution.

Stay safe!

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