Smart Plug Not Responding – 5 Reasons And Solutions!

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Smart plugs are a simple and efficient way to carry out smart home functionalities. But for that, the smart plug needs to be responsive enough to work properly. So, when the smart plug isn’t responding, the situation becomes problematic.

But why is the smart plug not responding and what are the solutions?

There may be many reasons for the smart plug not to respond. For example, the internet connection may be lost. There may be a failure of connection with the plugged-in device. Or, it could be set up errors, and outdated device issues as well. However, there are possible fixes to the problems as well.

The above portion seems very little to answer all your queries. But don’t worry; we’ve got a full article waiting for you. So, please keep reading along.

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Smart Plug Errors

Smart Plug Errors

There are different occasions when you’ll see that your smart plug is not working. You’ll see that your smart plug has stopped responding. You may see it in different forms.

For example, you may see your smart plug is not responding to Alexa. Or else, the smart plug is not responding to google home. Your smart plug may not respond to voice as well.

Whatever may be the form of your smart plug not responding, there are causes for it. And there are solutions for it as well.

Causes And Solutions of Smart Plug Errors

smart plug not responding

As you saw earlier, there might be different forms of smart plugs being unresponsive. Here you’ll know the causes of smart plug errors. Also, you’ll know how you have to fix unresponsive smart plugs. So, let’s get started.

Reason 1: Incorrect Plugging Into Socket

After plugging the smart plug incorrectly, you may wonder why your smart plug is not working. It might happen due to your carelessness or due to a loose socket. Whatever the reason is, this is why your smart plug says unresponsive. Because the smart plug doesn’t get the power it needs if not plugged in properly.


Check the power connection and ensure that there are no loose connections. Make sure that you’ve plugged in properly.

Reason 2: Faulty Power Outlet

Faulty Power Outlet

Sometimes your power outlet may be faulty. In that case, your smart plug won’t respond. And you’ll wonder why isn’t your smart plug connecting. Damaged or worn-out wires might be the reason for faulty outlets.

Due to this, power delivery will be hampered. So, the smart plug won’t get the necessary power and it will be unresponsive. And the smart plug may not work after a power outage as well.


You may need the help of an electrician to fix this. Replace the damaged or worn-out wire. Check if your outlet is delivering power properly after the fixation.

Reason 3: Faulty Internet Connection

Faulty Internet Connection

A Faulty internet connection is another cause of your smart plug not responding. There may be router problems as well. Due to this, your wifi plug may stop working. Or it may happen that the smart plug is not working with the new router.

All of these are responsible for making your smart plug unresponsive.


If your wifi plug is not working, consider restarting the router. You can do it very simply by unplugging the router and plugging it again. And if you feel like you need to change the router, check the ones below.

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7)

Reliable high-speed router. Works with Alexa, has parental control, and QoS.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router

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Hope you’ll get your desired router here. You can also change the wifi for effective solutions.

Reason 4: Setup Errors

You need to set up your smart plug appropriately. Any error during setting up the device can cause it to not respond. Also, make sure that your smart plug is compatible enough. Or you might face situations like the amazon smart plug not responding to voice.

Also, setup errors can cause amazon smart plugs not responding to Alexa. Thus you’ll see the smart plug not working with Alexa.


Keep your phone at a nearby place while setting up. This will ensure a good connection. And once you’re done setting up, you can control everything from a distance. Also, don’t keep power-saving mode turned on on your phone while setting up.

Reason 5: Outdated Device

Outdated devices or software can be the reason for your smart plug being unresponsive. Your smart plug or your app may not be updated to the latest version. Due to this, the compatibility will reduce and your smart plug will fail to respond.


Always try to keep the updated version. Keep auto-updates turned on so that the updates are done automatically. Sometimes unplugging the device and plugging it in again can also prompt an update.

So, these were the causes and solutions for your unresponsive smart plug. Hope you’ll be benefitted from this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s The Reason For Smart Devices Going Offline?

A change in wifi connection can cause the smart devices to go offline. Also, if you change the name or password of your network, this can happen. Sometimes connecting lots of devices in one network can cause the smart devices to go offline.

Is It Possible For Smart Plugs To Work Without The Internet?

Yes, smart plugs can work without the internet in some cases if not all. However, the device needs to be connected to your network where you can control it. Otherwise, it can’t be functional enough to do your work.

Will The Smart Plug Work If The Wifi Goes Out?

Yes, the smart plug may work even if the wifi goes out. This is possible when your smart plug is controlled by smart assistants. However, some advanced features may not work. For example, voice control and other advanced features.

Is Power Consumed By Smart Plugs When The Connected Device Is Off?

Yes, power is consumed by smart plugs even if the device connected to them is off. Although the connected device is off, the smart plug needs to be connected to the wifi. As a reason, it consumes power to stay connected to wifi and receive commands.


We’re at the end notes of the smart plug not responding. We hope you enjoyed the whole discussion.

Smart devices are made for giving you ease of access. However, they may have some flaws as well. So, try to maintain them as best as possible and try to find easy solutions. That’s all for today.

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