5 Ways To Fix Tricklestar Power Strip Switched Not Working

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The Tricklestar power strip is used to reduce the risk along with reducing the cost. However, it’s acceptable to worry if it stops working.

But how do we fix the Tricklestar power strip switched not working?

The first thing that must be done is to adjust the levels. By changing the flow to medium, supply would continue to be streamlined. Next, knowing its power requirement and making the necessary adjustments would resolve the problem. Lastly, fixing the cable would also help address the issue.

These were just a few fixes that may be made. For complete information about those, you must check the entire article. So why are you still waiting?

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How Does A Tricklestar Power Strip Work?

Tricklestar Power Strip chart

The Tricklestar power strip is a type of surge protector. It helps to reduce standby power waste to save money. Knowing its functions will help us understand how it works.

It has a total of 7 outlets, which include always-on, control, and switched outlets. It helps to power different types of devices. It also has a threshold switch to control the power value of the device.

The switched outlet works by sensing the power through it when the devices are on. It then leads to the control logic to switch on the sub-set of different outlets.

Additionally, it has a resettable circuit breaker. When the power is turned off due to a ground fault, press the reset button. 

If too much current is being drawn, the circuit breaker in them will turn off the electricity. The reset button works by preventing the connected devices from overloading.

It has a modern MOV surge protector which is protected by a ceramic, flame-resistant casing. When there is an abnormal surge condition, surge protectors work to prevent the fire from starting.

During the time of need, the surge protector will automatically be used to protect the devices. All you have to do is, check and change the fuse if necessary from time to time. 

Power strips work by utilizing all of these features to ensure the distribution of power. It also helps you to reduce the risk and cost.

Symptoms Of Bad Tricklestar Power Strip 

Symptoms Of Bad Tricklestar Power Strip 

We can avoid a lot of risks if we can recognize a bad power strip. Because the number of people getting hurt due to bad power strips is increasing day by day. That’s why it is better to know the symptoms of a bad power strip

  • It’s hot, bears burn marks, or looks like melted plastic.
  • There are exposed wires and a frayed, charred, or otherwise discolored cord.
  • It has a blown fuse, a faulty outlet, or a broken switch.
  • There is a scent of ozone or crackling sounds.
  • It repeatedly turns on and off.

Sometimes the surge protector might also make clicking sounds. It is recommended to contact an electrician if you see any of these signs.

Why Is Tricklestar Power Strip Switched Not Working?

It is used to distribute electricity across connected devices. But if the power strip stops working, then the real problem starts. Considering that connected devices may possibly sustain irreparable damage.

But one might wonder, why would it stop working or turn itself off?

  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Blown fuse
  • Exposed and damaged wiring
  • Power outage due to the switch being turned off
  • Faulty outlet
  • Due electrical bills
  • Broken switch

To stop it from functioning, just one of them would be sufficient. If we wish to prevent any consequences, we have no choice but to fix them.

Ways To Fix Tricklestar Power Strip Switched Not Working

tricklestar power strip switched not working

Not working power strips not only increases risks but also may lead to devices getting damaged. There isn’t anything else you can do but fix it. But before calling an electrician, you can try to fix it yourself.

Method 1: Fixing Levels

It should be possible to restart the system by switching between the device’s power options. Streamlining the power flow should result from changing the power settings to minimal or medium. Switch to low power and test the device once more.

Method 2: Checking Power Requirement

The power flow is restricted in these outlets in order to conserve energy. The socket won’t supply any electricity to the connected device if the devices are too energy-efficient. 

To further understand the scenario, compare the required minimum power to the outlet’s lowest configurations.

Method 3: Turning On Connected Devices 

Only when you are utilizing the system will the linked devices function. Connecting a device that will be on continuously is the best course of action. It will keep the outlet to continue to give electricity without limiting the flow.

Method 4: Checking Source

A defective power source may occasionally be the major cause of it not working. Therefore, it is recommended to use a multimeter and examine the primary source’s power output.

Method 5: Fixing Cable

Another cause can be the cable that is attached to your outlet. All you have to do is thoroughly check each part for frayed or broken areas. The cable should also be replaced if it is kinked or otherwise damaged.

Additionally, it’s crucial to arrange the wires properly. Otherwise, it could lead to the ground wires shocking you.

Any of the suggested methods could resolve the problem. You may simply complete each one on your own.

Using the most latest power strap is the best approach to prevent these problems. The highest-reviewed products are shown below for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does A Power Strip’s Threshold Switch Do?

The power strip can be adjusted to the control device’s power value using the threshold switch. It would guarantee compatibility with all models of products that are appropriately connected.

How Do You Replace A Fuse In A Power Strip?

Remove the fuse by first turning the fuse cap counterclockwise. Replace the fuse only if the metal strip inside is intact after checking the wiring. Push the reset button on the strip if it has a breaker. Then exchange it for a new one.

Does Unplugging A Power Strip The Same As Turning It Off?

Turning off the surge protector in the power strip is virtually the same as unplugging it. Compared to turning on the surge protector, it will use less energy during a storm.

Do Surge Protectors Function Even When They Are Off?

Yes, they do. The main function of a surge protector is to stop surges from damaging your equipment. They are inbuilt in power strips to keep the devices safe. 


Hope now you know everything about the Tricklestar power strip switched not working.

Having it would help you organize and distribute the power into your devices with ease. 

Try the mentioned methods by yourself, before you consult an electrician. It would not only save you money but also would give you a quick solution.

Stay safe!

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