Universal Clipboard Not Working [5 Ways To Fix It]

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Universal clipboard was introduced to make your life easier. But the difficulty starts when it stops functioning.

But, why is the universal clipboard not working?

The main reason could be due to experiencing issues getting the devices’ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect. The use of outdated operating systems in the devices could be another factor. Or, it could be for putting the gadgets out of reach. Signing the account into various devices can also be a reason.

These were merely a few approaches. To find out more, you must read to the conclusion. Additionally, you’ll be aware of its cause.

Read away!

How To Turn On Universal Clipboard?

How To Turn On Universal Clipboard

Apple developed a feature in their operating system called the universal clipboard. It helps to paste the copied clipboard into all of the compatible Apple devices.

Before one can use it, they first have to turn on the universal clipboard. To enable it they have to do the following steps-

Step 1: Having The Right Operating System Version

You have to see if the devices are running on the right OS or not. Only the devices with macOS 10.12 or above and iOS 10 or above have this feature.

If you have the earlier version installed, then you should update it. 

Step 2: Signing Into The Same Apple ID In All Devices

For iOS, you have to go to Settings > iCloud > Sign In.

For Mac, You have to go to Apple Menu > System Preference > iCloud > Sign In.

For each device you would want to connect, the very same Apple ID must be used.

Step 3: Turning On Bluetooth

You have to go to Settings/System Preference > Bluetooth > Turn-on.

Step 4: Turning On Wi-Fi

You must first navigate to Settings/System Preferences > Wi-Fi > Turn-on.

Each device needs to be a part of the exact same network.

Step 5: Enabling Handoff

Navigate to System Preferences/Settings > General > Handoff > Turn-on.

Step 6: Keeping Them Within A Specific Range

All of the devices must remain within a 10-meter (30-foot) radius of one another. Any longer than length would disrupt the connection. 

After doing all of the above, it would be ready to use. Only then you can share the clipboard between iPhone and iPad

How Does Universal Clipboard Work?

universal clipboard not working from iphone to mac

The universal clipboard works by connecting all apple devices within a specific range. Then it enables one to copy from one device and gives temporary access to paste it. 

To use the clipboard between iPhone and Mac, you just have to copy the content first. Then the content is automatically added to the clipboards of other devices for use.

It pastes the item in an instant after copying and works smoothly across devices. But we must remember that it only holds the item for a brief period of time. 

Why Is Universal Clipboard Not Working?

The universal clipboard can sometimes not work on iPhones, Macs, and iPads. Having the latest version of iOS 14 or 15 and Mac-Monterey can also fail to work

Now the question is, why is it not working

Firstly, having trouble connecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi among the devices. Secondly, have an older OS version on your devices. Thirdly, placing the devices out of range. Lastly, have different accounts signed into the devices.

The universal clipboard could stop functioning for any of the reasons listed above. Additionally, Osmo could stop working on the tab due to device settings.

5 Ways To Fix Universal Clipboard Not Working

universal clipboard not working

If the universal clipboard stops working, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. It can be fixed by you by following a few simple procedures. 

Method 1: Turning Off And On Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, And Handoff

This approach to problem-solving is the most efficient and quickest.

Firstly, you have to go to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and handoff settings. Wait 30 seconds after turning it off. After that, restart it and attempt to utilize the universal clipboard.

Bluetooth sharing on Mac can also help solve it. You have to go to system preference first. Then click sharing and lastly click Bluetooth sharing to turn it on.

Method 2: Restarting Your Device

You can use the power button to restart your iOS devices. Also, go to settings and then general. You’ll also find a shutdown button. 

For Mac, press the Apple logo and then select restart. 

Method 3: Signing Out And Signing in Again On iCloud

On iOS devices, select the settings application. Next, tap on your name and then sign out after typing your password. Then restart your phone and try to sign in again the same way.

For Mac, after going to the system preference tap on Apple ID. Next, click on overview and then sign out. Afterward, restart your Mac and sign in again.

Method 4: Resetting Mac’s Clipboard

Here are the actions you must take to accomplish this:

Step 1: Finding The Clipboard

First, you have to open the finder and then click on “edit”. Then click “show clipboard”.

Step 2: Using Terminal

The terminal must be opened by simultaneously hitting the command button and space bar. Then copy “pbcopy < /dev/null” this command and later paste it into the terminal. Then press enter.

Method 5: Updating The OS Version

If none of the mentioned methods helps, then update your devices. 

“Software update” can be found inside settings on iOS and System preference on macOS. This would address the problems with the universal clipboard.

It’s better to organize the wires, as ground wires can shock you. Additionally, many additional dangers would be reduced.

You can also buy the latest models of Apple devices to stay risk-free from this issue. We attached them below for your convenience –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible To Use The Universal Clipboard Without Wifi?

Yes, it is possible. It uses Bluetooth to search for compatible Apple devices nearby. It uses Wi-Fi to transfer whatever you have copied to your clipboard. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be in a network to use it.

Is Universal Clipboard Safe?

It is mostly safe to use after the recent versions of iOS update their password manager. Now it uses new APIs to auto-fill the login information. It is vulnerable to identical vector attacks only when both of the devices are unlocked.

How Do I Disable The Universal Clipboard?

You have to go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff > Turn Off. Afterward, it would stop sharing its clipboard with other devices.

Which Devices Are Not Compatible For Universal Clipboard?

The universal clipboard was released with iOS 10 as a built-in feature. It was later developed for the macOS sierra 10.12. Devices with previous OS versions won’t be compatible to use the universal clipboard.


Hope now you know ways to fix the universal clipboard not working.

It can copy and paste contents within a blink across devices. Unlike iCloud or AIrDrop, it can copy images, text, and files and paste all of them.

We can resolve any issues that might prevent it from functioning by using the suggested methods.

Take care!

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