Why Are Your Lutron Caseta Lights Flashing When Off?

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The most recent technology in the lighting sector is found in Lutron Caseta lights. They have made the concept of a smart home a reality.

Like any other technological device, they are also susceptible to some problems. These problems disrupt the normal functioning of the lights. 

Among these, Lutron Caseta lights flashing when they are off is a common problem.

There are some reasons why Lutron Caseta lights flash when off.

The main reason can be the compatibility of the LED lights. LEDs do flicker sometimes which can cause this issue. Another reason can be that they are facing issues with the dimmer. Or, it could be with the low and high-end brightness of the lights. 

This was just a basic sketch of the whole issue. To know more in-depth about the problem read our article.

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Why Is Your Lutron Caseta Light Blinking?

lutron caseta lights flashing when off

There are 3 reasons why your Lutron Caseta Light could be blinking. The reasons for solutions are as follows:

Compatibility Issues:

Lutron Caseta lights are LED light bulbs. So, Lutron lights flicker when off because they’re more sensitive to electric fluctuations. 

A filament is not present in an LED bulb. It features an electronic driver instead. When current flows to that bulb, the current will apply to those individual LEDs.Thus, the bulb lights up. 

LEDs are more directly impacted by fluctuations. This impact also depends on the LED bulb’s design.


  1. Make sure your dimmer and LED bulbs are compatible: For LED lights, there are no manufacturing standards. They could vary from one bulb to the next.

Even though some lights claim to be dimmable, some will dim more gradually and further than others.

Some bulbs work best with a particular style of dimmer. Therefore, you have to be sure that your dimmer and LED bulbs are compatible.

  1. Adjust your dimmer’s low end: At lower light intensities, flicker is frequently more noticeable. The following adjustments can be made to your dimmer’s lower end to lessen low-end flicker.

Also, your Alexa might show compatibility issues with your devices.  

Not Using A Dimmer with A Neutral Wire:

Another possible reason could be the PD-6WCL dimmer. It can cause your Lutron Caseta with flashing issues.  You must switch to a different dimmer if you are using a new bulb, adjust the dimmer’s lower end, and use a neutral connection.


If you’re facing issues with the PD-6WCL dimmer you can go for PD-5NE. Using both forward and reverse phase dimming technologies is possible with this model. You can also use it with Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch

All types of bulbs, including MLV, ELV, incandescent, LED, etc., can be used with these two forms of dimming technologies.

You can set the dimmer phase in the following ways:

  1. First, pull out the FASS switch, then push it back in.
  2. A status light will start to flash when you have held the top and bottom buttons down for six seconds.
  3. For the forward phase (MLV), tap the top button. The top status light will start to flash.
  4. Tap the bottom button to access the reverse phase (ELV). The status light at the bottom will start to flash.
  5. Hold the bottom button down until the status light stops flashing to finish the setting.
  6. Don’t delay finishing the setting. The power will shut off and the setting won’t be saved if the dimmer times out after one minute of inactivity. You’ve to repeat the process.

Low-End And High-End Trim:

Another reason could be when low-end and high-end trims of the light are not correctly set.

The lowest percentage other than zero at which your light can be dimmed is considered a low-end trim. And high-end trim is the highest level you can set.


Hold the center button’s right side and the top button together for the first six seconds. On the switch, a flashing status light will be seen.

  1. Hold down the middle right button until the light stops dimming or until it turns off.
  2. Hold the center left button down until the light stops flickering to adjust.
  3. Hold the bottom button down until the status light stops flickering to save this setting.
  4. Tap the top button once to turn off the light to make sure that these procedures were successful in stopping your flashing problem.
  5. Tap brighter once more after that. The light ought to turn on.
  6. Repeat these instructions if your issue is still not resolved and the light is flashing.

One of the easiest ways to fix this is when you have everything you need in hand. And so, you can always grab the Lutron Caseta Smart Switch Starter Kit

How Can You Reset A Lutron Caseta Dimmer?

reset a Lutron caseta dimmer

Sometimes resetting the light can solve the problem. You can do this process at first and if this doesn’t work you can look into the rest of the steps.

You can reset a Lutron caseta dimmer the following way:

On the bottom of your Lutron Caseta dimmer, there’s a pull tab. Use your fingernail or a flathead screwdriver to pull the tab towards you. This will cut off power to the light switch altogether.

Push the tab back in after a little delay. Now, turn the light on and then off again. If you don’t get the desired result, proceed with other troubleshooting steps. You can also adjust the brightness according to what you require. 

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Some Alternatives of Lutron Caseta Lights

Here are some alternatives to Lutron Caseta Lights for your convenience:

  1. C by GE
  2. Inovelli Red Series
  3. Philips Hue Lights
  4. WeMo
  5. Brilliant
  6. TP-link smart WiFi light switch

If you continue to face problems, you can directly contact Lutron tech support for fixing them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can You Stop Your Lights From Flickering?

The light bulbs can flicker mainly because of a loose connection and can result in irregular flickering. Turn off the switch, put on a glove, and tighten the bulb’s screw if your lightbulbs are flickering.

Why Does Your LED Light Glow When The Switch Is Off?

LED lights sometimes glow after being turned off. There are a few technical explanations for why this occurs. Even when the switch is off, the glow lamp’s serial connection clamps the circuit. As a result, LED lights glow when the switch is off.

Can Flickering Lights Cause A Fire?

Yes, flickering light can be a warning that might cause a fire. At that time you’ve to be careful. If you’re associated with any major electric appliances don’t turn those on.


We’ve discussed every possible reason for Lutron Caseta lights flashing when off with solutions. Hope you got your answer. 

Most problems with Lutron Caseta can be solved in DIY style. For further problems, you can contact Lutron tech support.

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