Mitsubishi WD-73640 Flashing Green Light [Reasons & Fixes]

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You have a Mitsubishi WD-73640 TV and its flashing green light. You must be wondering Why is your Mitsubishi WD-73640 flashing green light?

The main causes of Mitsubishi TV’s green light is connected with boot up, power supply, improper connectivity and software issues. Such problems on TV can also be caused by faulty capacitors. These issues are causing flashing green light on Mitsubishi TV

So, this article will explain the reasons and give a proper fix to the problem. This can show you different methods to solve the problem. Continue reading till the end to find out.

Let’s start now!

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4 Reasons Why Mitsubishi WD-73640 Flashing Green Light?

mitsubishi wd-73640 flashing green light

Reason 1: Green Light Flashing Due To Boot Up

When the green light keeps flashing and your TV is not functioning properly then it certainly constrains the smooth function of the TV. It happened because the TV is locked in the boot loop. Firstly, you have to identify if your TV is having issues with booting up then solve

Many customers can be impacted by this particular issue. If you don’t know to identify it, follow the steps down below


  1. Point the remote control at the television.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. You’ll keep pressing the button.
  4. Alternatively, you can also hold the button instead for roughly ten seconds.
  5. When the green light is fading slowly, release the button.

Reason 2: Inadequate Power Supply 

The green light flashes due to an inadequate power supply. If the power source is insufficient several issues including power supply are likely to result.

Follow the steps to get a fix to this problem:


  1. Start by unplugging the TV power adapter from the power supply.
  2. Use a multimeter to check the voltage supply.
  3. Make sure that all the cords and wires are operational as well.
  4. Your power adapter also requires close attention. If there is any defective power adapter Replace the defective power adapter.
  5. Ensure a proper connection of the adapter with the power source.
  6. You can reset the wires by unplugging and plugging each one back in again. 

Reason 3: Improper Connectivity To An Outside Devices

The flashing issue is typically caused by a poor connection to the portable drives. Your TV is connected to several devices, such as a tuner, cable modems, and DVD players. Either the equipment is flawed, or the connection can be problematic. 

We can’t overlook this crucial component when we investigate the TV problem. Follow the steps listed below to resolve the problem:


  1. Firstly, turn off your TV and remove the power cord.
  2. Secondly, remove all linked external devices at this time.
  3. Thirdly, reset the input system of the TV. For that go to the TV menu and reset it.
  4. Fourthly, select “Name” from the drop-down option which is next to “Input.”
  5. Then click “Enter.”
  6.  After that choose to “Exit.” for all source settings to be reset.
  7. Finally, check to see if the green light is flashing or not

Reason 4: Software Issues

Software faults in the TV system can cause problems with the green light on your TV. Thus your TV is not functioning properly. Such forms of flashing can be caused by several software issues.

To minimize this error, you have to perform a software reboot procedure on your television. Don’t worry we will supply all the instructions to solve this issue. 

Follow the steps down below 


  1. To begin, you have to approach the TV’s control panel and push it open.
  2. Push the button labeled system reset. Then press it down.
  3. Hold the button for around 10 seconds.
  4. Press the Power and Menu buttons at the same time for roughly 20 seconds.
  5. Then press and hold the Display and Power Buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds or so on.
  6. After that, press any of the front buttons to move them to the “ON” position.
  7. Without a doubt, it will remove the software issues and resolve the flashing green light problem 
Mitsubishi WD73640 TV Cage Assembly

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Any More Questions?

What Are The Possible Issues With My Mitsubishi TV?

The TV can be restarted by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. This problem might also be resolved by uninstalling the device and then plugging it back in.

What Is The Function Of Orange Light In A Mitsubishi TV?

The orange light in Mitsubishi TV blinks when USB devices are starting to get connected. Orange light flashes if the lamp door is loose or the door switch needs a replacement.

Does Mitsubishi Still Manufacture Televisions?

No, they don’t. Mitsubishi Electric Corp. declares that they will stop manufacturing LCD TVs. The company won’t carry on selling its LCD televisions. They say that it is hard to compete in the market due to changes.

How Can I Tell Whether The Projector Lamp Needs Replacement?

The bulb needs to be replaced because it is dying. When the projector lamp’s brightness is increasing, in this case, the bulb needs to be replaced. Again if you see the lamp brightness is dull in a dark room then the projector lamp needs a replacement.  

Final Takeaway

That concludes my viewpoint on the Mitsubishi wd-73640 flashing green light. I hope the queries are explained in detail. After reading this article with a clear head. Choose the appropriate solution and take the following steps as mentioned. 

If you have any more queries, please get in touch with us. We would be delighted to respond. 

Till then, Take care!!

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