Why Is WiZ Light Not Working? [Explained And Solved!]

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Utilizing Wiz light will help you save money on electricity by remotely controlling your home’s lighting. However, it’s acceptable to worry if it stops working.

Before solving it, one should know why is the WiZ light not working.

Firstly, the router is too far away from the light to establish a network connection. Having too much crowd or signal interference can automatically disconnect the lights from the network. Additionally, out-of-date firmware and faulty light bulbs can cause it to stop functioning.

These are simply a handful of the causes. For further information and solutions, you must read the article.

Read away!

How Does WiZ Light Work?

To improve life in this technological age, WiZ created the WiZ light bulb, a smart light. It operates by automatically changing the color tone throughout the day to simulate natural light. Additionally, you can remotely control the lights manually to your desire.

It must first be connected to Wi-Fi before being remotely controlled by a smartphone. Furthermore, it can be controlled by any device that has Alexa or Google Home.

Sometimes it may stop working, the reason is similar to smart life not working with Alexa. Knowing the cause will allow you to resolve the situation on your own.

Why Is WiZ Light Not Working?

WiZ Light Not Working

The main goal of it is to remotely control the lights. If it doesn’t then there’s no difference between it and a normal bulb. The majority of users described this issue as being extremely prevalent. 

Some claim that it isn’t functioning with Google Home or Alexa. Additionally, some people claimed that it wasn’t operating as scheduled or was unable to connect to Wi-Fi. However, in order to fix it, we must first examine why it occurs. 

Reason 1: Router Issues And Security

The router might be too far from the lights for it to establish a Wi-Fi connection. Without a stable connection, it wouldn’t be able to function properly. 

Some routers have a security feature that disconnects devices automatically while they are not in use. As they are designed to prevent anyone from accessing your data through the network. 

The software can mistakenly think it’s a hostile hacker if the lights aren’t being used. The light will be blocked if it makes an attempt to connect to Wi-Fi. 

Reason 2: WiFi Issues

Your network connection may be having issues that could impact all of the connected devices. Additionally, the app wouldn’t be capable of connecting to the light in order to control it.

A Wi-Fi router may have connection delays if it has a lot of devices connected to it. Devices may disconnect as a result of excessive crowding. Mixed Wi-Fi frequency may occasionally result in a problem if the network is not functioning well.

Reason 3: Smart Bulb Issues

Sometimes the bulb can be defective, to begin with, and this would cause it to malfunction. To keep it operating, the firmware must also be updated. The device may potentially disconnect if the firmware isn’t updated.

These are also the major reason for hue lights not responding. Addressing these issues would be enough to solve the problem. But it’s not the only problem that the user faces. For that, it’s better to know how to troubleshoot when it happens.

Troubleshooting WiZ Light

Troubleshooting WiZ Light

WiZ light is a great addition to making life more convenient. But it also has some problems that make it difficult to use. After reading the suggested solutions, you can take care of such issues on your own.

Problem 1: WiZ Light Is Not Working

This problem is one of the core problems. This causes the WiZ light to stop functioning as well as disconnecting frequently. Solving it would solve a lot of problems for the users.

Solution 1: Connect The WiZ Lights Correctly

First you have to open the app and locate the “Add Room” option. After clicking it, select the type and give the configuration a name. The device type can then be changed to “Lights”.

The Wi-Fi should then be connected, and you should wait until it can find the bulb. The bulb can then be connected and tested after that.

Solution 2: Move WiZ Closer To The Router

If the bulb fails to work, it might be due to it having an unstable network. When the router and lights are too far apart, this happens. You must relocate the router to a location nearer the lights to resolve this. Try connecting it once more after that.

Solution 3: Power Cycle Network Router

First you have to go to the router and locate the power adapter of it. Disconnect it and wait 5 minutes for it to completely discharge. After that, reattach it and determine whether the issue is now resolved.

Doing a power cycle to a device is like a short restart that fixes significant problems.

Solution 4: Factory Reset WiZ Lights

This is your last resort if none of the other mentioned options worked.  

First, ensure sure the bulb is secured in the light slot using a screw. Next, switch it on for five seconds then switch it off for the same amount of time. Until the light blinks, repeat this process.

Wait for the restart to be finished. Next, manually switch on the light. After that, the lightbulb would be fully reset to its initial factory settings.

Problem 2: WiZ Light Bulb Schedule Not Working

You must first remove the existing schedules and regulations. Then make new ones and remove the old ones. Repeat the procedure a few times. It would fix the problem.

Sometimes updating the product’s firmware would solve this, as this is a software issue. The developers keep on fixing the bugs and updating the product’s software with each update.

Using the most latest WiZ light is the best approach to prevent these problems. The highest-reviewed products are shown below for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Wiz Light Keep Disconnecting?

It could be caused by overloaded WiFi, a bad signal, out-of-date firmware, or a faulty lightbulb. Additionally, your home’s signal interference or a network security issue could be at blame.

Can You Sync Wiz Lights Together?

Launch the app, then long-press on any light in the room. After that, move it to another light in the same room. You have now formed a group, and the two lights would then show in a single circle.

How Long Do Wiz Light Bulbs Last?

According to Wiz, its bulbs have a 25,000-hour lifespan. Based on a three-hour workday, it has a life expectancy of 18 years.

Do Wiz Lights Need Internet?

The WiZmote can locally control WiZ lights once it has been linked to the WiZ app. As a result, it can operate without an internet connection.


That’s all you need to know about why is WiZ light not working.

Having it would help you control lights and save on electricity bills. Try the mentioned methods by yourself, before you consult an electrician. It would not only save you money but also would give you a quick solution.

Stay safe!

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