Wall-mounted washing machines: what are their features and should they be considered in 2024?

In small apartments, there is sometimes simply no space to install a washing machine. Demand creates supply, and compact wall-mounted models have begun to appear on the Russian household appliance market.

Table of Contents

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of the device
  2. Installation features
  3. Appliance Functions
  4. Active Models
  5. Summary

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

Advantages of wall-mounted appliances:

  • Compact dimensions. A small-sized machine can be hung in limited space in a bathroom, kitchen, or cottage.
  • Silent operation. Achieved through the use of damping elements, inverter motors, which are practically free of vibration.
  • Convenience of loading laundry. There is no need to bend down to the drum, which is relevant for elderly people or, for example, pregnant women.
  • Simplicity of cleaning the premises. No need to move the unit for cleaning underneath it.

Separately, it is worth talking about the energy-saving properties of wall-mounted models. Existing samples are endowed with energy efficiency class “A – low electricity consumption”. For 1 kg of loaded laundry, the machine consumes from 0.17 – 0.19 kW.

On average, a full-size floor unit will consume three times more electricity.

As for the disadvantages:

  • Small drum volume. As a rule, the maximum load weight does not exceed 3 kg.
  • Limitation of water heating temperature to 60°C (in most wall-mounted models, due to compactness, heating elements are simply absent, so hot water is not supplied immediately).
  • The housing is not insulated from leaks.
  • Low degree of spin (usually not more than 800 rpm).

Installation features

Here, the following is taken into account: the wall material, the presence of a power supply point, and a drain.

For safe operation, it is recommended to hang the machine on load-bearing walls. The total weight of the unit with a full load, depending on the model, can be up to 30 kg.

For installation, it is better to use chemical (adhesive) anchors. This is a two-component fastener made of construction adhesive and a metal rod. It is widely used for concrete and stone foundations.

Installation on drywall and temporary floors is excluded.

The design feature of wall-mounted models is the absence of a pump for draining accumulated water. The liquid leaves the machine by itself. Therefore, it is important to place the product as close as possible to the drainage point, if necessary, extend the hose. And to lay with a minimum number of bends and height differences.

Appliance Functions

Main capabilities and options:

  • Hygienic drum cleaning. I think this is another marketing move.
  • End of washing signal.
  • Delayed start. Waiting time for the start is up to 24 hours.
  • Child lock.
  • Foaming control.
  • Quick wash mode.

Active Models

Consumers are looking at and studying wall-mounted washing machines. I am aware of products from the Korean brand Daewoo and the Chinese firms Xiaomi and Wistora. Let’s take a closer look at the samples.


Korean machines – three models of the Daewoo Electronics DWD series. Main characteristics of the lineup:

  • maximum dimensions WxDxH (cm) – 56x35x67;
  • weight (kg) – from 16.5 to 17.3;
  • programs – 6;
  • drum rotation speed (rpm) – 700; 800;
  • capacity – 3 kg.


The Xiaomi MiniJ Wall-Mounted White device stands out for its drop-shaped body. Indicators:

  • dimensions WxDxH (cm) – 58x35x67;
  • weight (kg) – 24;
  • programs – 18;
  • drum rotation speed (rpm) – 700;
  • capacity – 3 kg.

Chinese engineers have expanded the functionality. Unlike Korean competitors, remote control and Wi-Fi control are provided. But the program is not Russified and frankly “raw”. A significant advantage is that the water heating temperature has been raised to 95°C and the tank is made of stainless steel. There is protection against leaks.


A sample with a drying function. Characteristics:

  • dimensions WxDxH (cm) – 58x35x62;
  • weight (kg) – 22;
  • programs – 12 washing + 2 drying;
  • drum rotation speed (rpm) – 800;
  • capacity – 3 kg.

The drum is lit and steam is delivered. Stainless steel tank.


Compact wall-mounted innovations are still difficult to find, but models are gradually finding their consumers. The device is suitable for small-sized housing, cottages. It will look good in a “bachelor’s den”.

Despite acceptable characteristics for such compactness, this segment is developing extremely slowly for us, because even in the smallest apartments, planners provide space for full-size or at least narrow washing machines. Moreover, the overpayment for such space-saving is completely irrational. The only practical scenario, in my opinion, for using such a device is a house on wheels.

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