How to Remove Firestick from Alexa App – Fully Explained!

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Firestick is one of the most well-known devices of Amazon which works with Alexa quite well. A smart remote controller like this can help in many ways. But sometimes you might think of unpairing it from Alexa for different reasons. And not knowing how to do it might be disappointing.

But how to remove firestick from Alexa app?

You can remove firestick from the Alexa app by going to the settings menu. There you’ll find the deregister option from where you can remove the firestick. You may need to follow different procedures if you’re using an unofficial firestick device. In that case, your approach will vary.

This small portion is inadequate to provide all the information you need. So, please read the full article below for a detailed overview.

Reasons for Removing Firestick from Alexa App

Removing Firestick from Alexa App

Firestick is quite a reliable and useful service and it lasts quite long. So, removing it from the Alexa app may not be needed at all. However, odd situations may arrive.

For example, the firestick can still malfunction even after a factory reset. Also, sometimes there may be problems in Alexa such as static noises. And when nothing seems to work, replacing the firestick is the only option left. 

But hold on. Always removing the firestick and replacing it isn’t the solution that’s quite necessary. So, there may be some other easy fixes as well. For example, there may be battery issues. In that case, replacing the batteries will be enough.

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So, the bottom line here is that you should be confirmed before replacing the firestick.

How to Remove Firestick Device from Alexa App

After concluding that removing the firestick is necessary, it’s time to do it. But what if you can’t remove firestick from Alexa app? Well, don’t be stressed about that. We’ve got some useful information to help you.

We’ve described how to remove the Amazon fire stick from Alexa app below.

Official Alexa Devices:

If you can’t remove the fire tv stick from the Alexa app, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Alexa app. You’ll find a “Devices” option on the home screen. Proceed to the devices tab.

Step 2: Next, go to “All Devices” and select the firestick device from there. After that, go to settings.

Step 3: You’ll find a trash icon from where you can remove the firestick device. There you’ll have to tap on “Delete” to confirm the removal of the firestick device.

Step 4: In some cases, you may find a “Deregister” option. In that case, select the deregister option for removing the firestick device.

These are the steps to remove the firestick device from the Alexa app.

Unofficial Alexa Devices:

In case, your firestick device is not official, a different approach is needed. Because you may not find the deregister option here. So, you might get confused. But don’t worry; we’ve got two easy steps to help you.

Following the steps below can help to remove your unofficial firestick device from Alexa.

Step 1: First, go to the site and log into your account. From there go to “Accounts & Lists”. There you’ll find the “Manage Your Content and Devices” option.

Step 2: Proceed to “Your Devices” where you’ll see three dot signs beside every connected device. Click the three dots beside your firestick device. There you’ll see the deregister option. Confirm it to remove the device.

Thus, you can remove the unofficial firestick devices from your Alexa app.

Some Easy Fixes for Other Situations

There might be some situations where you would think that you need to remove the firestick. But there might be some easier solutions that you may implement. Two scenarios are discussed below in this regard.

  • We all know firestick is a Bluetooth-operated system. Sometimes Bluetooth connection gets obstructed. It can be due to various reasons. But removing the firestick is not a solution here. Because you can fix this easily by checking the Bluetooth connection. So, go for this easy solution instead of thinking about removing the firestick.
  • Firestick has to store a lot of data when you use it for quite a long time. All this data gets clogged and causes the firestick to malfunction. In this case, an easy solution can be a factory reset of the firestick. You can go to the settings and find the factory reset option there. So, instead of thinking about removing the firestick, you can do this.

So, both of these are alternate solutions for two problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible To Unlink A Profile From Alexa?

Yes, it’s possible to unlink a profile from Alexa. Just go to the manage profiles option. There you’ll find your profile. Select the remove or cancel option from there. Thus you can unlink your profile from Alexa. So, it’s quite easy to unlink a profile.

What Happens After Deregistering A Device From Alexa?

Deregistering a device from Alexa means that the device is no more connected to your profile. Now that device can be connected to another account. Or if you want, you can re-register the device in your account again. You can share your firestick or other devices with someone by deregistering it from your account.

Can Someone Outside Of My Network Connect To My Alexa?

Yes, others can connect to your Alexa. For that, you’ll need to go to settings. There you’ll find a guest connect option in your profile. From there you can allow someone to connect to your Alexa.

How Many Firesticks Can Be Controlled Using The Same Account?

There’s no limitation on how many firesticks you can use in the same account. However, there’s a limitation while using them simultaneously. So, you can control a maximum of three firesticks simultaneously.


We’ve had a comprehensive discussion on how to remove firestick from the Alexa app. We hope you enjoyed the whole article. We tried to give you a thorough explanation.

Amazon Firestick is a multifunctional device. So, use it properly to get the best outcome. And try to analyze the situation if any malfunction occurs. 

We are finishing our write-up here. Wish you all the best.

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