How to Fix Bose SoundTouch Not Connecting to WiFi?

So you have been using your Bose SoundTouch for a long time. But one day you find your speaker is not connecting to Wi-Fi?

So now you are wondering, why is your Bose SoundTouch not connecting to WiFi?

The most common reason is your Wi-Fi signal being weak and not reaching the speakers. Another issue is outdated speakers. Sometimes your router might be outdated as well. You connection to the wifi can be limited for any certain issues. Not updating your router and speakers can be the general cause. 

We have provided all the measures you need to take to resolve these problems you’re facing. 

So, continue reading to discover how to repair these connectivity problems.

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Why Is Your Bose SoundTouch not Connecting to WiFi?

bose soundtouch not connecting to wifi

There can be certain factors why your Bose SoundTouch won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

This can make it difficult for you to play your desired music through the app. Sometimes the issues arise due to complications with your Wi-Fi connection itself. 

Other times different issues can make your Bose SoundTouch not connect to internet.

We have tried our best to highlight three major instances of why these problems may emerge. 

Poor Wi-Fi Connection:

If your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough it can be an issue. When you want your Bose wave SoundTouch to connect to Wi-Fi it fails to do so.

Your speakers have to be within the range of a home network. This way it can be connected to your network. When it is connected, the Wi-Fi light on your device flashes a consistent white light.

If there are any obstructions within your router and speaker then it can be an issue. This can cause your Bose SoundTouch 20 not connect to Wi-Fi.

So, you can follow the instructions below to fix a problematic Wi-Fi connection.

Reboot Router:

When your Wi-Fi connection is unstable it can be resolved by rebooting your router. This way your Wi-Fi connection gets refreshed and can solve the instability. 

This can solve the problem and help your Bose wave SoundTouch iv connect to Wi-Fi.

Use Wi-Fi Repeater:

Having a larger space can make your Wi-Fi not reach your speakers properly. So, you will find Bose SoundTouch apps not connect to Wi-Fi very frequently. 

You can solve this by using a Wi-Fi repeater. 

You should install the Wi-Fi repeater where the primary Wi-Fi router’s signal is received. It uses the router’s Wi-Fi signal and boosts it to deliver the strengthened signal farther.

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Limited Access to Wi-Fi Connection:

If other devices on your network use too much bandwidth then it can be an issue. This can make your Wi-Fi connection unavailable to your speakers.

This is why due to a limited connection, your Bose SoundTouch 10 won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The instructions below can be used to resolve any problems with limited access networks.

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Remove Disabled Network:

Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is not disabled by any settings. You may have halted internet access for specific networked devices.

You need to unpause all connections and retry if your ISP has this option. You should

Select a different channel, such as 1, 6, or 11 in the router’s options menu. Do this after logging in as these channels don’t conflict with one another.

Reconnect to the Network on Your Speakers:

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting Wi-Fi on your speakers. This would change all the internet settings back to default.

This can resolve other issues that you may be facing. Therefore, it would solve any issues when your Bose SoundTouch does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Outdated System or Router

Bose SoundTouch 10 won't connect to WiFi

Another common reason why your Bose SoundTouch 10 won’t connect to WiFi is outdated speakers. 

You should look into the features of Bose SoundTouch 10 speakers.

Sometimes newer updates are available on your Bose SoundTouch app. If you don’t update your speakers then they might be incompatible when connecting to the internet.

Certain features of your speaker become unavailable when you have an outdated device.

An outdated router is also another issue.

So, you need to fix this issue to fix your Bose SoundTouch 10 not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Update Router:

There is usually a check for updates option in the router’s system tray. If there are any firmware upgrades available, install them.

This would make sure that the router is using the most recent modifications.

Update Bose SoundTouch Speaker:

You can also update your Bose SoundTouch speaker when your Wi-Fi can’t connect to Bose SoundTouch.

You can update the speakers using the app following the steps explained below.

  • Select the menu icon located in the upper-left corner of the SoundTouch app.
  • Select Speaker Settings under Settings.
  • When multiple devices require an update you can select Update All or Update Software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Better Between Bose SoundTouch 20 VS SoundTouch 30?

Bose SoundTouch 20 and SoundTouch 30 are both amazing speakers that deliver astounding sound. But when it comes to features both of them cover similar grounds. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Alexa, and app support both speakers work identically. The only advantage SoundTouch 20 has is the lower price range.

Can I Reset Wi-Fi Settings On My Bose SoundTouch?

Yes, you can reset the Wi-Fi settings on your Bose SoundTouch. For this, first, you need to turn on your speaker by plugging it into the outlet. Then you need to tap and hold control 1 and the volume button for ten seconds. When you see white lights flashing it means that your speaker has been reset. 

How Does Bose SoundTouch Work With The App?

You can control your Bose SoundTouch with the app provided by the company. This app lets you control multiple speakers from one single app. After you connect your speaker with the app choose what music you want to play on it. You can stream different genres of music on different speakers in your house. 

Should I Invest In Bose SoundTouch For Good Sound Quality?

Yes, you should invest in Bose SoundTouch for good sound quality. Bose speakers provide an array of features and always deliver high-quality music. You can choose any wired speakers from Bose if you don’t mind the lack of portability. It would still provide you with superb sound quality.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully you got to know what was causing your Bose SoundTouch not connecting to Wi-Fi.

We also aspire that our piece helped you fix these issues with ease. 

Overheating of the drivers from excessive volume playback can cause mechanical failure of the driver suspension. So you should refrain from maximizing the volume.

We hope you have a great audio experience.

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