Zooz Zen71 Vs Zen76- Which One is Better?

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While automating circuits, choosing the right switch is a tough choice. We know how much of a hassle it can be. 

So, do you want to know about Zooz Zen71 Vs Zen76?

Although there are many similarities, the Zooz Zen71 and Zen76 have certain differences. The Zen71 is able to maintain a higher maximum load than the Zooz Zen76. Although the hardware of the Zen76 is more updated than the Zen71. It also costs a little less compared to the Zooz Zen71.

But knowing only this much won’t be enough. Don’t worry though, because we’ve prepared a whole article to elaborate on this. 

Zooz Zen71 Vs Zen76- Quick Overview

When you search for the difference between these two, an ocean of information comes up. And this pile of unorganized information gets you confused. So we’ve done the research for you and included the important factors. 

Here we have provided a brief chart about the main facts you need to know:

Maximum Load600W incandescent 960W incandescent 
Z wave range20 feet20 feet
HardwareBased on Zen21 500 seriesBased on Zen26 500 series

After this chart, you should get a good idea. But still, going forward, we have outlined the factors in detail.

Zooz Zen71 Vs Zen76- Detailed Overview

zooz zen71 vs zen76

Before buying a product, we know how important it is to know all the necessary details. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to describe everything necessary in detail. So, be sure to stick with us till the end. 

Maximum Load:

The maximum load it can take is always a big concern when buying any switch. It’s important that the maximum load current of your circuit doesn’t exceed the maximum load of your switch. Or else, it’ll fail. 

So, it’s of utmost importance to match both the maximum loads. It’s a safer idea to go for a switch that can handle more load. 

So, what is the maximum load for Zooz Zen71? Here the maximum load is 960W incandescent. There are also other categories. It’s best suited for 150W LED, CFL bulbs, and 3A fan motors. As for current, it can handle a circuit of about 15A load. 

And, what is the maximum load for Zooz Zen76? Here the maximum load is 600W incandescent. Other than that, it’s also best suited for 150W LED/CFL lights. You can use it for circuits that have a maximum load current of 8A. 

So, if you want a switch that can handle more load, then go for the Zooz Zen 71. 

Z Wave Range:

The next thing to consider is the Z wave range. Obviously, these waves have a certain range in between which they can maintain their functionality.  This range is determined between the Z wave receiver module and the controller. 

While linking the devices in your home, you can use Home Assistant or Hubitat.

Needless to say, here the range is between the nearest receiver module. That’s because it’s normal to have many. So let’s go forward to discuss what this shortest distance has to be for both switches. 

So, what is the Z wavelength for Zooz Zen71? Here, the controller and the nearest receiver module have to be within twenty feet. 

And, what is the Z wavelength for Zooz Zen76? Here also, the distance has to be about twenty feet.

So, if you’re worried about which would receive signals better, choose any of them. Rather than worrying about their specific range, you should know something else. That is, how to improve your Z wave network coverage.


Now let’s discuss the hardware. A switch that has better hardware is sure to last longer. It’ll also have better functionality.

So, what hardware does the Zooz Zen71 use?

Its hardware is based on the Zen21 500 series. It’s built with a 3-way direct solution. It comes with a 700 series Z Wave chip. It also has replaceable paddles and a multicolor LED indicator. 

And, what hardware does the Zooz Zen76 use?

It basically has the same features as the Zooz Zen71. But there is one major difference. Its hardware is based on the updated Zooz Zen26 500 series. 

Since the hardware used in Zen76 comes from the updated Zen26, it ought to be better. So, if you want better hardware, go for the Zen76.


Finally, the last yet important thing to consider is the price. We know how important it is to you to get the right product within your budget. And, the main question that arises here is, which one is cheaper?

The Zen76 is the short answer here. Although the price gap between them isn’t too much. It may cost you the highest 3$-4$ more to purchase the Zen71. 

For the Zen71, it should cost you about 30$-35$. And for the Zen76, it should cost you about 28$-33$. So, the price here shouldn’t be a big concern. 

This slight price difference occurs because of their distinctive features. Since the price difference isn’t much here, you should focus more on the features. Purchase the one that fits your needs the most.

Aside from the switches, there are also some accessories that go with them. So be sure to check them out too. Also, you should know about their problems. Like why doesn’t Alexa’s blue light turn on.

What to Choose?

Hopefully, by now you know which one is the right choice for you. If you want your switch to have a higher maximum load, choose the Zen71. On the other hand, If you want better hardware, then choose the Zen76. Also, it’ll cost you a little less than the Zen71. 

Now, the choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I use smart bulbs with a switch?

Smart bulbs, as opposed to smart plugs, only function with light fixtures. These fixtures must always be on. Without an accessory like the Lutron Aurora dimmer, you can’t access a smart bulb. It works with Philips Hue and other Zigbee-certified smart bulbs.

Do dimmer switches go well with smart bulbs?

No, dimmer switches don’t go well with smart lighting. Here, a problem occurs between the smart bulb and the dimmer switch. The dual dimming processes can conflict and frequently cause the light to strobe suddenly. That is as you dim it up and down. Smart bulbs have their own built-in dimming mechanism.

Is Z Wave and Bluetooth the same?

Z Wave communicates from one device to another by using low-energy radio waves. Its power is much lesser compared to a Wifi. Although its range is greater than Bluetooth. Also, it should be remembered that a protocol called “thread” works here. It plays a vital role in creating the future of smart homes.


Now we’d like to hear from you. 

Were we able to solve all your queries about Zooz Zen71 Vs Zen76?

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