All Home Assistant vs Hubitat Features Compared!

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Smart home hubs/systems have made our lives so much easier that we couldn’t even imagine. With time, some great smart home systems are now available on the market. 

And now, you’re confused between arguably the two best systems, Home Assistant vs Hubitat.

Hubitat is compatible with more devices than Home Assistant by default. But, with some programming, Home Assistant gets more compatibility than Hubitat. The initial setup & UI are better in Home Assistant. But Hubitat is cheaper than Home Assistant and requires less technical knowledge to operate.

So, should you make your buying decision right now? We don’t think so. We made this whole content to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Let’s start the comparison.

Home Assistant vs Hubitat (Brief Comparison)

home assistant and hubitat chart

Whether it’s a comparison between Schlage and Yale or Home Assistant and Hubitat, we need some grounds. 

Hence, we’ve picked the 10 most important grounds to compare these two smart home systems.

Let’s take a quick look at the quick comparison table.

FeatureHome AssistantHubitat
Automation PowerExtremely goodExtremely good
SpeedExtremely fastFast
User InterfaceFairly good UIBad/Outdated UI
Initial Set UpAutomaticManual
Remote AccessYes (requires programming)Yes (requires VPN)
AssistantsRequires programming or $5/month100% free by default
CostRelatively highRelatively low

The table above shows a brief comparison between Home Assistant and Hubitat. To make it easier to understand, we made the following graph for you.

The graph shows that Home Assistant wins in 4 features, whereas Hubitat wins in 3. The automation power feature is a tie for both systems.

Now, let’s explain how the systems compare for each of the features in detail.

Home Assistant vs Hubitat (Detailed Comparison)

The following sections compare both systems in detail. Since we use them to automate our homes, let’s start the comparison with automation power.


Both Hubitat and Home Assistant are completely open. It means that if the system hasn’t created an integration, the community could instead create that integration.

So, does Home Assistant have more compatibility than Hubitat?

Well, Home Assistant provides endless possibilities with its programming feature.

You may find Hubitat supports more devices than Home Assistant by default. But if you devote enough time to Home Assistant, it’s incomparable.

Just do some research online and you’ll find someone has already done the work for you.

So, Home Assistant gets the winner badge in compatibility.


You don’t want a smart home system that’s laggy. But the good news is that both Home Assistant and Hubitat are lightning fast. But, which one is faster between Hubitat and Home Assistant?

The Home Assistant has an upper hand over Hubitat in terms of speed. You won’t notice the difference in your daily usage. But in our testing, we found Home Assistant way faster than Hubitat.

So, Home Assistant is the clear winner here.

User Interface:

Home Assistant vs Hubitat

When you integrate a smart device into your daily life, the UI becomes an important part. So, let’s find out who has the better UI between Home Assistant and Hubitat.

The biggest drawback of Hubitat is its user interface. It’s not intuitive, it looks extremely dated, and the bad UI makes it difficult to use.

Home Assistant, in contrast, has a fairly good user interface compared to Hubitat. The interface is very clean, and it’s an entirely better experience than using Hubitat.

So, Home Assistant becomes the winner in this case.

Initial Set Up:

Now it’s time to find out which one is easier to set up, Home Assistant or Hubitat?

The initial setup process for Home Assistant is way easier than Hubitat. It automatically discovers devices on your network the first time it boots up.

It then simply asks you what room they’re in and populates a dashboard for you. You literally don’t need to do anything, and it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Hubitat’s setup process is a slightly more manual affair than Home Assistant’s. It has a wizard that walks you through the process of adding each device manually.

So, as you’ve already guessed, Home Assistant is again the winner.

Remote Access:

home assistant vs hubitat vs smartthings

So far, Home Assistant has dominated the comparison. Now it’s time for Hubitat to catch up. 

Let’s find out if Hubitat has better remote accessibility than Home Assistant.

Well, Hubitat is easier to access remotely as it needs only a VPN connection to do that. Home Assistant, in contrast, needs some programming to operate remotely.

Hence, Home Assistant is difficult to access remotely for people with little to no programming knowledge.

So, Hubitat is the winner in terms of remote accessibility.


You can integrate your Alexa or Google Assistant with both devices.

However, Hubitat lets you use this feature for free by default. Home Assistant, in contrast, can also be used with Alexa and Google Assistant. But you need to do a lot of extra programming to use them for free.

So, what if you don’t want to go through the hassles of programming? Well, you can buy a subscription for $5 per month to use them.

So, Hubitat is the clear winner here.


This point is arguably the most complex in this whole comparison.

The cost of Hubitat is quite straightforward. It’s around $120 for the complete C-7 model. Home Assistant, in contrast, has a complex pricing structure. This is because you need a lot of extra accessories to set it up.

The price (this price may change) of Home Assistant is as follows.

Raspberry Pi 4$145Check Latest Price on Amazon
Casing$48Check Latest Price on Amazon
SSD$19Check Latest Price on Amazon
Zigbee Dongle$35Check Latest Price on Amazon
Z-Wave Dongle$38Check Latest Price on Amazon
Total Cost$285

As you can see, the cost is quite higher for the total Home Assistant setup.

However, if you have an existing Raspberry Pi and an SSD, the cost goes down to $121.

But whatever the scenario is, the overall cost of Hubitat is way less than Home Assistant.

So, the winner in terms of cost is Hubitat.

Which One is the Best?

If you like to play around with your smart home system, Home Assistant is just incomparable. It’s way more powerful than you think if you can invest some time in programming. 

It gives you more compatibility options along with a better UI and an online community.

However, if you don’t want to devote your time to your system, Hubitat is the way to go. It’s cheaper and supports more devices out of the box. 

Furthermore, you don’t need to go through the programming hassles to make it work with other assistant devices. For example, Alexa and Google Assistant.

So, now you know which smart home system is best for you. However, we think home security should get more priority than home automation.

Hence, we’ve compared the two best home security brands for your home’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What’s The Difference Between Local & Cloud Control Smart Home Hubs?

The local control smart home hubs receive commands from sensors and send it to the devices. The cloud control hubs, in contrast, receive commands from sensors. But the hubs then send the commands to the cloud. Finally, the hubs again receive signals from the cloud and send them to the devices.

Is Home Assistant Easier to Use Than Hubitat?

Home Assistant is easier to initially set up than Hubitat. But once the setup is done, both devices are similar in ease of use. However, the user interface in Home Assistant is better than in Hubitat. Hence, the experience of using Home Assistant is better than using Hubitat.

Is Home Assistant More Customizable Than Hubitat?

Home Assistant is more customizable than Hubitat. This is because Home Assistant doesn’t come with a complete setup. Hence, you get options from choosing the casing, storage devices, and other accessories. Hubitat, in contrast, comes with a complete setup, thus providing no customization option.

Final Words

We hope we could clear up your confusion on “Home Assistant vs Hubitat.”

Now, it’s time to hear from you. Let us know which home device you’d like to hear from us about in the future. We love catering to the content that our readers want us to write.

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