Blink Vs Eufy- Which One is More Useful?

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When considering your security, choosing the perfect CCTV is always essential. But we know how choosing the right one can be a big hassle. 

So, you want to know about Blink Vs Eufy?

The colored night vision and AI features in Eufy provide more security than Blink. Eufy can be integrated into more ways than Blink. It also has better storage options, like local memory. On the other hand, Blink provides better battery life. It is also cheaper than the Eufy. 

But there’s so much more to know. So we’ve written a whole article to elaborate on this. 

Blink Vs Eufy- Quick Overview

There are a lot of features to consider when buying your CCTV. And when you try to Google it, an ocean of information comes forward. It’s unorganized and confusing. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. 

Here we have organized the factors under two categories.

Game Changers:

Here we have mentioned the features directly related to your security. 

Night VisionInfrared ModeColor ModeInfrared Mode
Motion DetectionStandard Motion DetectionHuman Detection, Facelighting
Smart Home IntegrationIFTT, Amazon AlexaApple Home Kit, Google Assistant, IFTT, Amazon Alexa


Here we have portrayed the add-on features you should consider.

FactorsBlink Eufy
StorageCloud Recording -(7200 seconds free)
5-60 second clips
16 GB local storageOptional Cloud StorageRecording to NAS or NVR5-120 second clips
Battery2-year longevity1-year longevity

While you know the main differences, there’s still a lot more you should consider. Thus, we’ve elaborated further. So, be sure to stick with us. 

Blink Vs Eufy- Detailed Overview

blink vs eufy

Before buying a product, we know how important it is for you to know all the necessary details. That’s why we have made an effort to explain all the features. 

So, you can choose the right security camera for you. 

Night Vision:

When we are talking about security, night vision is obviously an important feature. Any theft, robbery, or other issue occurs mainly at night. So, advanced night vision is sure to help out your needs. 

So let’s talk about Blink first. What are the features of Blink’s night vision? As for the blink cameras, they provide an infrared mode. That means any clips will be recorded in black and white.

Now, what are the features of Eufy Night Vision? Eufy night vision also comes with an infrared mode. Although, aside from infrared mode, the Eufy outdoor cameras also have a color mode. This is made possible by the built-in spotlight. They’ll be able to show a colored view up to ten feet. 

Thus, if you want a colored vision, go for the Eufy. It will even provide you with a superior field of view.

Motion Detection:

motion detection

Another useful feature of CCTV cameras is motion detection. They can determine different sorts of movements and motions. And, thus, it can be a great help in enhancing your security. 

So, what can Blink motion detection do? 

Blink cameras use passive infrared sensors to determine movement and send alerts accordingly. It can detect motion from up to twenty feet away. Also, a feature called “Pixel Different Analysis” uses differences in pixels to ensure that any movement was caught by the camera. 

And what can Eufy motion detection do?

Eufy cameras also use PIR sensors to detect motion. But it has an upper hand. Eufy comes with intelligent surveillance features based on AI. Its AI detection system enables the user to get a better motion-detecting system. It can even detect pet and human motions, which is a great help in emergencies. 

So, if you’re looking for better motion detection and AI features, choose Eufy. 

Smart Home Integration:

The next feature to look at here is smart home integration. CCTVs can be integrated into many ways with other devices. And with better integration comes better options. 

So, how can Blink be integrated? IFFT and Amazon Alexa can integrate Blink cameras. Blink will support integration with devices containing these features. 

And how can Eufy be integrated? Other than IFFT and Amazon Alexa, Eufy also supports Google Home, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit. So, with these added features, you’ll be able to add more options of your choice. 

When connected to different devices at home, you can customize the alerts. Like a light going on and off when the camera detects a certain motion. Thus, better integration options will be able to alert you properly. 

If you want better facilities, choose the Eufy.


Now that we know about the main security features, coming forward, let’s discuss storage.

So, what are the storage options for Blink? Blink offers cloud recording. You can record 7200 seconds of video (about 12GB) for free. And the clips will be about 5-60 seconds. 

And, what are the storage options for Eufy? Eufy also offers cloud recording. But the advantage here is that Eufy has 16 GB of local storage. You can record clips of about 5-120 seconds. Additionally, Eufy cameras also offer NAS and NVR storage options.

So, if you prefer the additional local storage, NAS, and NVR options, choose Eufy. 


what is the battery life of Blink

The battery is another factor to be concerned about. With a good battery, you won’t have to be concerned about steady long-term performance. 

So, what is the battery life of Blink? Blink offers 2 AA batteries, which last about 2 years. Blink even supports optional USB power, but then it won’t be waterproof. 

And, what is the battery life of Eufy? Eufy camera batteries usually last about a year. Their batteries are rechargeable with micro USB.

So, if you prefer a better and long-term battery, choose the Blink.


Finally, comes the price. While purchasing any product, price is always a major concern. So let’s dive right into it. 

So, the main question here is, which one is cheaper? And the short answer is blink. Almost all of the Blink cameras are cheaper than Eufy. Although they are both budget-friendly. And the EFY and BLINK don’t have a surprising price gap. 

But still, you might be really concerned about the money and want to save more. Then, obviously, Blink is the right choice for you. If your blink camera thumbnail failed then you can solve it from this article.

What to Choose?

By now, you hopefully know which one is the right choice for you. If you want better and enhanced security, go for the Eufy. Although, both of them provide quite the service. 

On the other hand, Blink is a better choice in terms of battery life and pricing. 

So, feel free to pick your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which Eufy camera is the best?

Due to its versatility both inside and outside, the EufyCam 2C is the greatest 1080p camera. That is, of course, from the Eufy manufacturer. We believe it to be a step ahead of its closest competitor, the Arlo Essential Spotlight. That’s because it doesn’t require a cloud storage subscription.

Why isn’t Eufy detecting motion?

Basically, your Eufy camera won’t detect motion if there isn’t enough electricity. Eufy security cameras are battery-powered. Therefore, the battery may be low if your Eufy camera is not detecting motion. Charge the battery in your camera to resolve this problem.

What is the Eufy Activity Zone?

Motion Detection settings allow for the creation of Activity Zones. Within your EufyCam’s field of view, you can designate an Activity Zone. The system’s AI won’t pay attention to anything that is captured outside this range. 3 Activity Zones can be set up to reduce the likelihood of erroneous warnings.

End Note!!

Now we want to know your opinion.

Were we able to solve your queries about Blink Vs Eufy?

Here’s an extra tip for you. For a Eufy-wired doorbell, be sure to provide 30 VA voltage or more. 

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below.

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