KT88 vs EL34 – Which One is the Best Option

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You recently thought of replacing the tubes on your amp. But now, you can’t quite decide between the KT88 and the EL34 tube.

So, are wondering which one to pick between KT88 VS EL34?

KT88 is an amazing tube that can produce boomy and louder bass. It has a high range and uses 100 watts. It also has a balanced production of sound. Whereas, EL34 has a more pronounced mid-range. It has a less punchy bass but it can create a more lush sound. It uses 55 watts of power output.  

If you need a guide on picking the best option based on your preferences we’re here.

Keep reading to find the optimal choice to help you produce the best music. 

KT88 VS EL34: Quick Comparison

KT88 VS EL34 guitar amp both offer noteworthy features. These features meet the demands of their vivacious customers.

For your fast evaluation, consider the following comparison of KT88 and EL34.

Ground of comparisonKT88EL34
BassMore controlled and  punchyMore highs and lows, less punchy
Power Output100 Watts max55 Watts max
Good forClassical, rock musicJazz, folk, bluegrass, and female vocals
Sound QualityBalanced, extended highsMidrange, more clarity in the trebles.

KT88 VS EL34: Detailed Review

KT88 VS EL34

We have investigated every distinction and resemblance between KT88 and EL34.

For your convenience, we have summarized the detailed characteristics of KT88 and EL34 below.

Bass of KT88 and EL34:

When it comes to bass both KT88 and El34 have remarkable performance. If you are an audiophile you might care about the smallest changes in the bass. 


KT88 produces music with a much more refined bass. The bass on this can come across as being more punchy.

KT88 can generate a seductive warmth in the mid to upper bass range.


For Bass EL34 has more highs and lows compared to the KT88. It can be less punchy when compared to the KT88.

EL34 can be lackluster when it comes to the higher range.

So, if you are wondering, can KT88 replace EL34? If you care about a stronger bass then it can replace EL34.

Power Output of KT88 and EL34:

EL34 tubes VS KT88 both have different power outputs as well. In some circuits, EL34 and KT88 have the same circuit and may be swapped out.

You can change your amplifiers if one of your amplifiers does not work


For hi-fi purposes, KT88 with class AB1 constant bias can provide up to around 100 watts. This can produce music with around 2.5 percent distortion.  


EL34 can produce music with distortion of less than 1 percent. It can provide around 55 watts of power.

So, if you want lesser distortion, check out EL34.

Sound Quality of KT88 and EL34:

You can encounter a difference in KT88 vs EL34 sound quality. KT88 VS EL34 hi fi can be considered if you care about the minimal changes. 

You might precisely consider how the quality changes in both KT88 and EL34.

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If you want a cleaner sound with more bass you can switch EL34 with KT88. 

KT88 has a more balanced sound production. 


EL34 has a delicate upper end. This can produce a sound that has an appealing, heavy, and velvety middle presence. 

The majority of EL34 users agree that it gives the sound a little touch of sweetness. There is more clarity in the trebles in the sound produced by the EL34. 

EL34 has more midrange production of music as well. 

Pick KT88 if you want your production to be more boomy and filled with adequate bass. But if you want more mellow midrange sound production then go for EL34. 

Users of KT88 and EL34:

el34 tubes vs kt88

You can decide to pick KT88 or EL34 based on your preference of music. You can also compare EL34 VS 6550 VS KT88 for its different sound production.

Check what amps use the KT88 tube beforehand.


KT88 is best used for people who like to play classical tunes. It also goes perfectly with rock-based music. 


EL34 can sound a bit narrower. The sound from it even separates easily. So, the perfect use for this can be in jazz or folk music. 

Invest in EL34 if you want to produce female-led voice-based music.

So, now we hope that you know the biggest differences between both KT88 and EL34.

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KT88 VS EL34: Which One to Choose and Why?

Now that you are more informed about KT88 and EL34, you can decide what to pick.

Gold Lion KT88 VS EL34 can produce slightly different music when you play the same music.

You can even check which one is better between KT77 and EL34

The KT88 is far more powerful both in terms of source material delivery and actual gain.

On the other hand, EL34 is renowned for its mellow, laid-back tone. It has a luscious mid-range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should Amp Tubes Be Switched?

If your amps exhibit any of the following signs, you ought to dispose of them. If your amp produces very loud music that screeches or hums then you should change it. You might find that there is far too much bass. If note clarity is compromised then you should better replace your amp tubes.

Does KT88 Make Good Sound?

Yes, KT88 makes a very good sound. If you’re an audiophile, you would truly enjoy KT88 for its amazing audio enhancement. Its high output has made it a hit among guitarists searching for more pristine headroom. This has low bias qualities making it a popular choice within the audiophile community. 

Which KT88 Valve Is The Right Choice?

There can be a couple of valves that are perfect to use with your KT88. Genalex Gold Lion has the best valves with all specifications. You won’t be let down by its effectiveness. Psvane T Mark II is another great choice to use with your KT88. Teflon is used in it making it more stable and robust.

What Is the Longevity of KT120 Tubes?

KT120 usually lasts around 2000 hours. Power tubes may age gradually. It is usually a pretty strong indication that they need to be replaced. If you notice them starting to drift, it would be optimal to change them. These can arc too. If you hear any noise it would be better to dispose of them.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you got to know more about KT88 VS EL34.

Did you know that you should always replace your old amps after they have cooled down? 

When detaching the tube you need to focus your attention on the pin’s position. Before you reinstall, correctly align the pins first.

Wishing you a delightful day ahead!

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