Mogami 2534 vs 2549: Which One to Choose?

If you are looking for a mic cable, then you might be facing a sweet problem. There are so many amazing choices it is easy to get lost among them. 

So, are you struggling to decide between Mogami 2534 vs 2549?

Mogami 2549 will provide you with higher-quality sound. Whereas 2534 will give you better noise canceling features. Generally, it is better to go with 2549. Because it gives you overall performance at a cheaper price. But if you have to deal with interferences then go with 2534.

Wait, that wasn’t enough and you need more info? Well, you are in luck. We have also written a whole article for you with in-depth comparisons. 

Let’s give that a shot and see what unfolds!   

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Mogami 2534 vs 2549: Quick Comparison

The primary difference between 2534 and 2549 is in their conductors. 2534 is a quad conductor cable and 2549 is a regular one. Also, they have many differences that we are going to talk about one by one. 

But, let’s take a look at this quick comparison first.   

ColorAvailable in 10 colorsAvailable in 5 colors
CapacitanceHigher than 2549Lower than 2534
Price1.19$ per feet0.90$ per feet
SpecialtyNoise CancellationsBetter Sound Quality

Mogami 2534 vs 2549: Detailed Comparison

mogami 2534 vs 2549

There are a lot of differences between the Mogami Quad 2534 and Mogami 2549 cable. For your convenience, we have analyzed and simplified that information into a detailed comparison. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s go through that.


First things first, let’s talk about conductors. 2534 has four conductors, that’s why it’s called a quad cable. 2549 has one twisted pair which is standard. To put it simply, quad cables deal with more interference than standard twisted pair cables. 

It translates into better noise cancellation than twisted pair cables. So, if you need to deal with a lot of interference, 2534 is the better choice.

So, 2534 is the better one because it has better noise canceling features.


Well, you will be using a lot of cables for different mics and purposes. So, a variety of color choices can be very important. 

You might be asking, why is color coding important

The main goal of color coding is to organize. It will come in handy when you have lots of similar things to deal with. For example- cables in your studio. So, more color options give better options.

So, Mogami 2534 gives you twice as many color options. If you like to organize your stuff then 2534 is definitely the better one. Or, if you do not care about color choices then 2549 isn’t that bad.   


To put it simply, lower capacitance means better sound. But, we are sure you already knew that. But what is the difference between high capacitance vs low capacitance? 

With low capacitance cables, there will be less signal loss. In fact, the signal loss is proportional to the frequency. So, the higher the frequency is, the more the signal loss will be. This means you get more natural sound with lower capacitance cables compared to higher capacitance. 

Mogami 2534 has higher capacitance than Mogami 2549. That means Mogami 2534 will have a signal loss if the frequency is higher. On the other hand, 2549 has lower capacitance, thus it gives you a natural, clean sound.

 In this case, Mogami 2549 wins.


Mogami 2534 will cost you a lot more than 2549. The price difference is 30 cents per foot. But, it will add up as you will definitely buy the cables in bulk.

If you consider value for money, 2549 will give you better sound quality. On the other hand, 2534 will give you better noise cancellations.

So, for regular needs, it’s best to go with 2549. 


Mogami 2534 quad cable works best where there is a lot of interference. Perfect for studios that have grounding or wiring issues. But how do you know if you have a grounding issue?

If you have a grounding issue, your audio system will emit sounds. These will sound like a hum or a buzz. Also, you will get a random electric shock when you touch any metal. These shocks might be a bit stronger than regular shocks, so be careful.

These quad cables are so much better at noise cancellations than any standard twisted pair cables. The noise cancellation features even work in high RF and EM interference.

Mogami 2549 standard twisted pair cable works best in a regular environment. It does have noise canceling features too but Mogami 2534 is far superior. Instead, 2549 excels in providing a better sound output because of its low capacitance.

Do not forget, better sound quality does not only depend on cables. You have to have better equipment, such as mics, recorders, instruments, etc. You need to make sure that you have a quality amplifier that is properly working. Otherwise, it won’t matter which cable you are using. 

If you need a good amplifier, we can recommend some.

Moukey Audio Amplifier2 Channel, Bluetooth 5.0, 200W
Kinter MA170+2-Channel, 18 W, 12 V

It’s Time to Choose:

After all this discussion have you decided which one you’ll pick? It should be clear by now which cable will be the better choice. Let’s review once again what we discussed just now.  

So, Mogami 2534 is the perfect choice if you’re going to deal with high interference. It is the superior choice if you want noise-canceling features. 2549 also can smooth out noises but simply in this scenario, 2534 is much better.

Contrarily, where Mogami 2549 excels is the sound output quality. Because it has low capacitance, it will lose less signal, giving you the truest sound possible. So, if you need better sounds, 2549 will be the better one.

Oh, last but not the least, 2549 will be much cheaper. If you do not need any special features then 2549 is the better option. Getting the Mogami 2549 will save you more money than 2534.

Also, Mogami is one of the best brands for microphone cables. If neither of these suits you, you may as well check other models. Such as mogami 2893, mogami w2901, mogami 2330 and more.

It’s very important to choose the best cables for your studio. Or you might face your instruments malfunctioning. Like your boombox not charging. 

So, be wise and make the best decision according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mogami Better Than Canare?

Both have better aspects that are different than each other. To be straightforward, you cannot be wrong with either of them. Mogami’s strength is it will get you better output, whereas, Canare is the more durable option.

Are Mogami Cables Worth It?

Yes, definitely. Mogami cables are popular worldwide. Because of their user-friendliness, noise cancellation features, and clear and accurate sound output. No wonder they are nicknamed “The cable of the pros”.

Where Are Mogami Cables Made?

Mogami cables are manufactured in Nagao, Japan. They have their own facility. Mogami cables are distributed by Marshall Electronics in the North American region.

Do Expensive Cables Make A Difference?

If you have normal devices then no, expensive cables will not make a noticeable difference. You need to have a complete system if you want to use expensive cables. 


So, after all the discussions, you should be able to pick the best cable for you. 

We are very curious to know which cable you chose between Mogami 2534 vs 2549. Why did you even choose that? You can let us know by commenting here. 

It’s time for us to say goodbye now. Until we meet again, take care!

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  1. Rafael Villafane says:

    This is a fine comparison, thank you very much. Still on the fence as we already have 2534 on our rack gear, have used 2534 for decades but we now need short runs (3m) from patchbay to the converters and back, and to an SSL Sigma for analog automation, and back. We also experimented with Grimm TPR (very low capacitance) and preferred the sound over the 2534 , so after reading your article, i’m leaning toward the 2549!

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