Leviton vs Legrand – Best One for Your Specific Needs

The electric switch and outlet market has evolved greatly over the last decade. Switches and outlets are no longer just a place to flip a switch or plugin.

They’ve become a way to add design and style to a room. And, the features are improving drastically as well. As a result, it’s getting tougher for the consumer to pick the right one.

If you’re facing the same issue, we’re here for your rescue.

So, what brand to choose? Leviton or Legrand

Legrand provides better switches in terms of features, compatibility & customizability. They are a bit costly as well. In contrast, Leviton is cost-effective and provides better GFCI outlets. The standalone reset button locking feature makes their GFCI outlets unique and the safest in the industry.

Let’s get to the detailed comparison between the two companies.

Brand Overview

Leviton & Legrand both have long and versatile industry experience. In the late ’90s, both of them started to focus on the lighting & control solutions industry.

Leviton is famous for its dimmers, switches, and receptacles, while Legrand is famous for its wall plates.

But in recent years, both of them are competing for neck to neck. They’re competing in terms of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the comparison.

Brief Comparison Between Leviton vs Legrand

Leviton vs Legrand

Here is the brief comparison between Leviton & Legrand.

Whether it’s a comparison between Lutron Caseta and Ra2 or Leviton vs Legrand, we need some grounds.

So, we compared them based on 6 categories, along with some subcategories.

GFCI OutletsProvides a reset switch locking featureDoesn’t Provide a reset switch locking feature
Regular Outlet SwitchesEither single pole or 3-waySupports both single pole & 3-way
Dimmer SwitchesEither single pole or 3-waySupports both single pole & 3-way
Bulb Compatibility for Dimmer SwitchLimitedAll
Wall Plate CompatibilityNeed to match with switches & outletsUniversal
Color/Finish Options1532
Warranty2 Years2 Years
CostLess ExpensiveMore Expensive

Why should you rely on this table?

Don’t worry. The detailed feature comparison section is right after to make everything clear. 

Detailed Feature Comparison

We’ll be comparing the products of both brands in 2 main categories. 1. Outlets and 2. Switches.

Moreover, we will look at the overall quality of the products and their customer service as well.

Let’s start with the outlets.

Leviton GFCI Outlets vs Legrand GFCI Outlets:

legrand vs leviton outlets

Both Leviton & Legrand are known for their wide range of innovative GFCI outlets. There are some factors we need to consider for any GFCI outlet. The factors are-

Amperage Rating:

You need to make sure the outlet can handle the amps you want to use.

Leviton & Legrand both have a range of amperage ratings from 15A to 20A. This rating should handle almost all the heavy appliances people generally use.

Result: Tie

Wire Compatibility:

Some of the GFCI outlets are compatible with only copper or aluminum wire. If your wiring is already made of copper or aluminum, make sure you choose the right one.

Leviton & Legrand are no different here. You need to make sure your GFCI outlet is compatible with your existing wiring.

Result: Tie

Trip off Capacity:

You don’t want to use a GFCI outlet that is unable to trip off when required. The primary purpose of GFCI is to protect your home and family from electric shock. If your GFCI outlet is unable to trip-off on time, the outlet should be of no use.

Well, Leviton & Legrand are known for their quality products. So, you can rest assured that the outlets will trip off just at the right time.

Result: Tie


Almost all GFCI outlets have a test switch. You can test the outlet at regular intervals using that switch. But, everyone knows that we often forget to test our outlets, even months after months.

So, as a precautionary measure, modern GFCI outlets have a self-test feature. It self-tests for any faults frequently and informs you about the failure with its built-in LED/alarm.

Leviton & Legrand both have this feature.

Result: Tie

Reset Button Locking:

This is a revolutionary feature patented by Leviton. It locks the reset button if the outlet is damaged. As a result, you know when to replace your Leviton GFCI outlet.

Legrand doesn’t provide this safety feature.

Winner: Leviton

So, the winner is Leviton in the GFCI outlet category for their groundbreaking reset switch locking feature.

Now, let’s move on to the switches.

Legrand Switches vs Leviton Switches:

legrand best switches

Both Leviton & Legrand have a wide variety of switches. This ranges from normal outlet switches to modern sensor switches.

Let’s find out who does the job better.

Regular, Sensor & Timer Switches:

Usually, both brands provide quite similar features in regular, sensor, and timer switches.

However, all Legrand switches can be used as a single pole or 3-way. Whereas you need to specify a single pole or 3-way for Leviton switches.

So, Legrand provides you with more flexibility here.

Winner: Legrand

Leviton Dimmer Switches vs Legrand Dimmer Switches:

When it comes to dimmer switches, Legrand is the clear winner here.

Legrand universal dimmer switches are compatible with almost all kinds of bulbs. Halogens, incandescents, CFLs, LEDs, Electronic or magnetic low voltage,  you name it, Legrand got you covered.

In contrast, you need to specify incandescents and electronic or magnetic low voltage when ordering Leviton switches.

Winner: Legrand

So, the winner is Legrand in the switches category for their 3-way and compatible features.

Compatibility :

Legrand switches and wall plates are way more compatible than Leviton’s. You can use any Legrand switches with any Legrand wall plates.

But, Leviton wall plates are not compatible with all Leviton switches. You need to match them while ordering.

Winner: Legrand


As you can guess from the heading, this is a subjective choice. However, we will provide some vital information that will help you when deciding between the two.

Leviton switches and wall plates are more traditionally designed whereas Legrand focuses on modern designs.

Not only that, You get more color options with Legrand switches. Above all, Legrand provides you with customization options for their wall plates. You can choose from different finishes and your preferred designs for your wall plates.

Winner: Legrand


In terms of pricing, Leviton is the winner here as a more cost-effective option. However, both of them have their own pros & cons. So, it’s better to prioritize your specific needs in order to make the best decision.

Winner: Leviton


Leviton & Legrand both provide a limited 2 years warranty for their electronic products.

Result: Tie


Leviton is the winner in the outlet section for its innovative and patented reset switch locking feature. They are less expensive as well.

When it comes to switches and customizability, Legrand is the winner. Legrand produces more versatile switches and their compatibility is top-notch.

Well, that’s all for today. Hope this was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Legrand Switches Good?

The build quality and the quality of Legrand switches are pretty good. The vibrant color options and different finishes are well enough to grab anyone’s attention. They have a variety of options, including sensors and dimmer switches. But, they are a bit overpriced.

What Is The Difference Between GFCI & AFCI?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and AFCI stands for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter. GFCI detects grounding faults and disconnects the circuit to prevent you from electric shock. Whereas AFCI detects arc faults and disconnects the circuit to prevent any fire hazards.

Can I Replace 20A Outlet With 15A Outlet?

No, you can’t. You can replace a lower amperage outlet with a higher ampere one. But you cannot do it vice versa. Replacing it with a lower amperage outlet is not safe. Your outlet will not be able to handle the higher electron flow. Hence, your outlet will be damaged & can even cause fire hazards.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the summary? Which one should you go for between Leviton vs Legrand?

If you want better customizability and modern aesthetics, Legrand is the brand to go for.

But, if you want a cost-effective option & you like traditional designs, Leviton will serve you better.

Happy shopping!!

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