How to Reset Polk Soundbar: Step by Step Instructions

If you love to listen to audio stuff with a Polk soundbar, but you’re unable to do it. It is depressing when you see that it has some difficulty. Sometimes you can resolve the issue through factory resetting. 

Now, who knows how to reset the factory of a Polk soundbar? You may chill! Those who don’t know how to perform it.

You might be wondering how to reset Polk Soundbar.

You need to find the power, source, and volume+ buttons to reset your Polk soundbar. Maybe you can’t find them on the older version. Then you should look for Microphone Mute button and Volume Down buttons to reset your Polk soundbar. However, the reset function requires a set of steps to follow.

Don’t worry, we sincerely recommend you to go through the whole article. Because we have provided you with an entire delicate guideline to perform your job wonderfully. 

Also, we promise you that you’ll not go wrong anyway. What are we waiting for? Let’s go straight to the methods of resetting.

How to Reset Polk Soundbar

how to reset polk soundbar

Sometimes, your soundbar may not work properly. Then you should go for resetting your Polk soundbar. There is no one specific method for doing it. 

Before selecting the method for resetting your soundbar, figure out whether your soundbar is an older or newer model.

Well, we love to tell you that we are giving you two easy methods for resetting your soundbar.

  • Method 1: Resetting the newer version of the Polk soundbar
  • Method 2: Resetting the older version of the Polk soundbar

Nevertheless, which model you have, you should go through the first method we are providing. Because they both share a lot of functional similarities .

One more thing, you should jump to the specific guide to align with your soundbar’s buttons.

Now, Let’s go for the detailed steps.

Method 1: Resetting the Newer Version of the Polk Soundbar

If your Polk soundbar is released 4 years back in 2022, then your one is surely a new version. 

So, follow the guidelines given below for your soundbar to reset.

Prepare the Polk soundbar for resetting01. At first, turn on your soundbar
02. Now, check the plug and make sure that your soundbar is getting enough power
03. Then take a moment to check whether your soundbar’s buttons are stuck or not
Find the reset button01. There are total 5 buttons of a soundbar, but you need to locate 3 buttons to reset
02. Then, locate your power button which is on the end-left, 
03. Also, locate source button which is in the middle and volume+ button that is on the end-right
04. Now press these 3 buttons in a specific way within few minutes which trigger a reset on your soundbar
05. Watch out one unnecessary button is positioned among these 3 buttons
Begin the factory reset01. Start with checking the power plug if its receiving power or not
02. Now, go next to the soundbar
03. Then press power, source, and volume+ buttons all together
04. At this point, hold the reset buttons for 10 seconds
05. Wait until your soundbar gives you a confirmation sound as a sign of successful reset 
06. Along with that, the LEDs start flicking which goes to prove that reset has started
07. If you don’t hear any sound or don’t see any LEDs, then re-do the instructions again.

Method 2: Resetting the Older Version of the Polk Soundbar

Well, have you gone through the above method fully? Why am I asking, right? We may have mentioned earlier that you’re gonna find a lot of common in both.

So, the resetting ways of older soundbars carry on the same procedures. But need to press some different buttons of the soundbar.

Prepare Polk soundbar01. Similarly to the new soundbar’s method, you need to turn on the soundbar
02. Now, check that your soundbar is plugged into the power properly
Find the reset button01. Locate all the buttons from above of the device
02. Find the Microphone Mute and the Volume Down buttons from those buttons
Begin the factory reset01. Now you need to press that Microphone Mute and Volume Down buttons and hold them for sharp 10 seconds
02. Wait, for the notification coming through the sound and light flashing for a successful reset
03. Now, go for checking if your device has been reset or not
04. If not, repeat the procedures again

Remember, the Microphone Mute and Volume Down buttons are only available for the older version of Polk soundbar. If your Polk soundbar is still turning off, you might need a mechanic.

Do’s after Finishing the Soundbar’s Reset

how to reset polk audio command bar

Whatever version of soundbar you have, the result of the factory reset is the same. It helps to get back the factory value of the device.

However, the input and the source set are the main settings you’ve got from the factory reset.

Now, you might get that your TV and soundbar are working at the same time. Sometimes your TV channel may show red or blurred. So, you tend to press the Source button multiple times until it you get the channel right.

One thing you should know is that after regaining factory value maximum time, TVs and soundbar work in a different channel.

In this situation, you can play music on your TV, which will help inform you that the soundbar is working properly. And you get the confirmation that your TV and soundbar are working on the same channel. If your TV signal is delayed, through the link to resolve the issue.

Your Polk soundbar is not giving you enough performance, right after resetting? If you’re planning to buy a get one, you might check the products below.

YAMAHA YAS-109 Sound Bar

Product Specifications:

  • Easy to setup with HDMI or optical connections
  • Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity
  • With Alexa playing music is as simple as asking for a song
  • Pay music and podcast through Spotify connect WiF, or Bluetooth
Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar

Product Specifications:

  • Has simple one wire setup
  • Has night listening mode
  • Dialogue enchanter
  • Play music with acoustic system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Volume Not Working On My Subwoofer

Initially, make sure that your TV volume is on if you’re using an analog system. If your TV’s volume is turned down, you’re not gonna hear any sound, even if your soundbar is all set to rock the floor. So, go to turn on the TV’s volume if it is set to “variable’.

Why Is My Polk Soundbar Cutting In And Out?

Well, the reason may be laid in the connection of your TV.  According to the Polk audio manual, if your TV does not support HDMI, you should connect the soundbar via HDMI and Optical.

How Long Does A Soundbar Last?

It lasts up to 6-16 years. If you own a soundbar from James and Leon, it’s gonna accompany you for 16 years or maybe more.

Do Soundbars Wear Out?

If you’re using a quality soundbar, then you will love knowing it will serve you for a lifetime. If the sound is not distorted, then don’t go making down your soundbar.

Final Words

Hopefully, you got the details about how to reset Polk Sound bar.

Now, exhale! Got to know the resetting methods for both the new and old versions, right?
You know the factory reset is very useful for solving problems and returning the factory value. So, don’t worry; you can do a reset job using either way.

We’re hoping that you got your solution. If you don’t, then don’t forget to let us know through comments.

We are signing off here. Have a great day.

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