Yamaha Receiver Won’t Power On? 5 Reasons & Fixes

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The Yamaha home-theater receiver connects to your home audio system, iPod, and other devices. So that you can enjoy every moment of it. 

However, circumstances can change when the receiver is problematic. If you find that it’s causing problems, it might be a big bother.

Problems like your Yahama receiver won’t power on.

When your receiver won’t power on, you just simply unplug the power cord. Due to overheating or internal hardware defects, it may stop working. Failure of power output transistors could also be the reason. To solve the issue, check the owner’s manual guidelines. Or take it to the service center. 

Read the whole article for a detailed explanation of the solution to the issue.

Yamaha Receiver Not Working: Quick Solution

Yamaha Receiver Won't Power On

If there is any problem, the Yamaha receiver becomes complicated. So, you could experience multiple receiver issues.

I’ve listed five reasons why your Yamaha receiver not powering on in this article. Check to see which of these could be your receiver’s most likely cause.

ReasonQuick Solution
Symptomatic of an internal hardware defectUnplug the power cord.
Defective ReceiverUnplug the power cord.
The failure of one or more power output transistors.Check out the troubleshooting manual.
The protection circuit was activated 3 times.Take it to the repair man.
Overheating of the receiverSwitch off the receiver.

This was the simple fix for you. Read the entire article to learn the complete step-by-step process for fixing the problem.

Why Won’t My Yamaha Receiver Power On? 

yamaha sound receiver won't turn on

I understand how annoying it might be to be unable to identify why your receiver is not working. You might have tried several approaches to solve the problem. 

Yahama receiver problems are generally similar to Denon receiver problems in terms of troubleshooting.

However, if you look for a solution without understanding the problem, things might sometimes become worse. When you are struggling to figure out the real reason why your Yamaha receiver won’t turn on with the TV. 

In this part, I’ve outlined a number of reasons and their detailed fixes. 

So, let’s get down to it. 

Reason 1: Symptomatic of an Internal Hardware Defect

The problems you are having are a result of an internal hardware fault. Despite the fact that there are many possible reasons for failure. It indicates a bad power supply or main/control board.

A manufacturing flaw may be the cause of this problem. However, a power event also frequently triggers it. Such as a prolonged over or under voltage state, a shock or surge, etc. 

Age-related wear and tear may also be to blame for this.


You can take one action in this situation. It will work as both a potential solution and a diagnostic assessment.

Step 1: Take the power cord out of the outlet.

Step 2: Wait at least 60 minutes, or a little more than an hour.

Step 3: For 60 seconds, hold down the power button. You should hold on to the set, not the remote.

Step 4: Hold the power button for an additional 60 seconds after plugging back in. Avoid using power strips or surge protectors when re-plugging in; instead, go straight to the wall outlet.

Sadly, it would be confirmed that internal hardware is faulty if this reset procedure fails. To fix this would require repairs, but those fixes are just not possible. 

The cost of fixing it would be high. Get a new model with an updated warranty instead, since it won’t be as expensive as the fix.

If you want to purchase a new receiver, you can look for your new receiver below. 

YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with BluetoothThis 5.1-channel AV receiver fits your home with the latest features. It includes Dolby Vision, 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, and Bluetooth.

Reason 2: The Failure Of One Or More Power Output Transistors

Because of internal protection circuitry or devices, your unit may shut down. Since their purpose is to safeguard the inside circuitry.

You run a higher risk of causing more damage to the device than it currently does. When more frequently you attempt to work around its protection circuitry to troubleshoot.


It is not recommended to attempt power cycling repeatedly just to see the results. To start, try to identify the current issue. 

The unavailability of a power-on signal means that there is an internal circuit that is “open”. Check the service manual that you have. There ought to be a troubleshooting manual there that you need to start with. 

In this case, the power amplifier’s aberrant DC output is the issue. In your troubleshooting section, try to figure out the possible causes. 

If one or more power output transistors have stopped functioning, you’ll find the solution in the manual. Expected voltages at those transistor outputs should be listed in your service manual, assisting you in isolating

Reason 3: Protection Circuit Activated 3 Times

Due to speaker wire shorting, it must be the reason for the Yamaha receiver not turning on. Pushing the power button causes the standby indicator to blink. 

So, you may need to do a Yamaha receiver power reset.


You can look up the section in the service manual. It is suggested that you take it to a repair center. But there is another way to fix the problem, which is to reset the power.

It’s pretty simple to restore the device to its factory settings. But keep in mind that you will lose all previous settings. 

Step 1: First, confirm that it is plugged in.

Step 2: Then all at once, click the “info” and “tone control” buttons. Hold the button down for a few seconds.

Step 3: And finally, the receiver will turn on and you’ll hear a “clicking” sound.

Reason 4: Overheating of the Receiver

One possible reason why the Yamaha receiver won’t power up is overheating. And that’s the reason it’s not working well. The lack of adequate ventilation is one of the major causes of your receiver starting to overheat.

The receiver starts to overheat if there is not enough ventilation setup. You might put your receiver in a congested place. As a result, it doesn’t have enough room to draw out the air from inside. 

Additionally, there may be other reasons for the receiver to get overheated.


Try this quick fix when you become confused trying to figure out why your receiver keeps heating up. 

Step 1: If your receiver begins to overheat, simply switch it off.

Step 2:  Ensure that you also deactivate the wireless connectivity options.

Step 3: Place it carefully in a separate location with a lot of space all around. Especially on the top and sides.

Step 4: Allow it to cool down.

Step 5: Now switch on and see whether the tendency for overheating remains.

Well, if these methods assist you in solving your issue, then my efforts were successful. In that case, neither of those reasons nor solutions is capable of assisting you. 

For best results, take it to the service center. You can try the same method if the receiver of your stereo isn’t working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why Does My Yamaha Receiver Keep Shutting Off?

Because too much current is being drawn by the device through the power supply or amplifier. In addition to turning off the receiver via the built-in computer. A built-in An automated protection circuit is built into Yamaha receivers. In certain over-current situations, it will turn on. 

What Is PCM On Yamaha Receiver?

 2-channel digital signals. On the receiver’s front, the PCM light turns on. It happens when a source sends a PCM signal to the Yamaha unit. Just like a DVD player.

How Much Power Do I Need for My Receiver?

It ranges from 25 to 400 watts or more than that. Try to choose a receiver that can output power consistently within the acceptable range. A receiver that can output 45 to 100 watts would be ideal for you. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, if your Yamaha receiver won’t power on, you can check and look for the symptoms I have mentioned. So, now you know better what you have to do next. 

Let me know your opinions on these reasons and fixes. Until then, stay safe and healthy with your loved ones.  


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  1. NOT just Info and Tone Control, buttons – also Power. Hold all three and my receiver display came to life and the machine was normal – still had radio station memories.

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